5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Back Garden Swing Sets

Purchasing the right swing set for your backyard takes time and research to ensure you are selecting the suitable model for your family. Not only does it need you to look for a quality product that will last a long time, but the swings you choose should also provide safety for the little ones in your family. 

As with any huge purchase, you do not wish to proceed with purchasing a swing set without doing some planning first. You will soon discover that there are various options at a store like Steel Chief for play swing sets. So, it may help you to narrow down your search by starting with five critical factors.

  1. What is the Material of the Swings?

There are two main types of building materials that manufacturers use for the kinds of swing sets on sale that you can get these days. These are wood and metal. Pinewood is common, and manufacturers design the metal swings set for outdoor use.

If you opt for quality metal swing sets, you will not need to do any maintenance. And Metal swings are usually lighter if you compare them to swings built of other materials like wood. So, without spending much, you can choose a metal swing for your outdoor use.

  1. Pick a Swing Set with Changeable Accessories

A general act like changing out a baby swing for a giant swing can transform your playset as your children outgrow the baby and toddler stages. Your five-year-old will appreciate fun, more intense tests than a toddler did. Moreover, your ten-year-old will want even more from a swing set. 

Once you can switch out a few main accessories like swing seats: strap swing, baby swing, and trapeze and rings, these will, over time, ensure that the swing set lasts through more than a decade of childhood. After all, you do not want to buy a new swing set once your kids are grownups.

If you have multiple children, always consider buying more than a single seat and interchange them frequently.  

  1. Space 

Swing sets by brands like Steel Chief are available in various sizes and mostly need more backyard area than you initially think. To fulfill the safety requirements, maintain at least 6 feet of additional space surrounding your swing set. 

So, take out your measuring tape and get ready to do some leg work. You must measure as many dimensions of your backyard as possible. Ensure to encompass the entire area, space between the plants/trees and fences, and other risks.

Though you can start by picking out a swing set and exploring its dimensions, it can be unpleasant to find a swing set you like only to discover it is vast for your yard, and you need to start your search over. 

  1. Safety

Ensure that the swing sets you choose are safe for your children. You can look for lightweight swings because these are less likely to trigger injuries by accidentally striking a toddler or child in the head or body.

The space you keep between rails should be less than 3.5 inches, or it should be larger than 9 inches. Otherwise, your children end up trapping their heads in the rails.

  1. Pricing 

When you invest in a swing set, make sure that you do not compromise on its quality. You can find less expensive yet quality swing sets that are made of metal. However, ensure that If you are purchasing a metal swing set, ensure it is formed up of galvanized steel with a rust-resistant paint. After all, the right swing sets can offer your family years of entertainment value. 

To sum up, if you are searching for something simple in your swing set, you cannot go wrong with specialized swing sets. With a massive choice of seat and chain combinations to suit all your needs, you will surely get a suitable swing set for your backyard. 

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