5 Interior Design Tips for Millennial Living

In the simplest terms, interior design refers to the art and science of creating pleasing spaces that people can use to express their identity. 

In addition to helping with the flow and maximizing space, interior design can be an effective tool for improving moods. By using colors that match your mood, for example, you can create a calming atmosphere.

Always keep in mind how colors affect your psyche before making a purchase, and stick to color palettes that work for you.

Why Do Millennials Make Great Interior Designers?

There’s no denying that millennials are a creative group.

Millennial homes are generally colorful, modern, and artistic. The use of many colors mixed in one space can be both relaxing and phenomenal.

Even though millennial homes are small or tight on budget, it doesn’t mean that they can’t feel spacious.

This is why millennials make great interior designers; the way they choose colors and the way they set up our rooms creates a cozy atmosphere for their friends and family to enjoy.

Creating Your Ideal Living Space

So, how do you create the perfect space as a millennial?

Invest In Good Flooring

Your living room is not complete without good flooring.

Whether it is tiles, hardwood, laminate, or parquet flooring, a good flooring choice can make or break your home décor.

Flooring extends through the whole house too, from stair runners to kitchen tiles! Search for stair runners London or your location to find the best things for your home.

Opt For Interesting Art For Walls

Bring in color to your walls with the help of interesting art pieces. There are some great options easily available online or even at local DIY stores.

Choose pieces that match your personality and style for an overall effect that’s fun!

Pick A Color Palette That’s Perfect For You

If you love bright colors and bright clothing, then go for bold colors to bring out your personality.

If you want to look down-to-earth and use subtle tones to accent your room, then go with a warm palette.

You have the freedom to choose a palette that makes you feel better but remember that some color schemes work better than others in every space.

The color palette is not just something you should consider when painting the walls, but it also extends to the artwork you hang, the plants to place around your home, the decor, and the furniture. It is vital that you buy furniture that matches your chosen color palette, or else you will find that the room does not live up to your expectations. You can shop around in furniture and decor stores such as West Elm and Crate, where there are a range of furniture styles and colors to choose from. The colors will impact how you feel every time you walk into your home, so make sure you pick wisely.

Use Textures To Create A Spacious Feel In Small Spaces

From wallpaper to the throw pillows on your couch, texture raises the feeling of space, meaning that it can be used tocomplement or to contrast.

You can use it to create a cozy feel by using couch pillows and vases filled with pebbles. 

Alternatively, you can use beads or feathers instead of filler to create a boho feel. You can even use different textures on your walls for an eye-catching look that is both visually appealing and relaxing at the same time.

Create a Calm Mood With The Color Of Your Walls

Colorful walls are a great way to lift your mood; choose neutral colors but still include a darker room tone in order to balance the space.

This tactic can work in small spaces where there is little space to work with as well, and it will ensure that you’re getting the best of both worlds.

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