5 Lessons To Learn From Love Island, Whatever Your Age

Viewing statistics showed that a total of over 4 million people watched the 2019 Love Island debut episode. Adults of all ages were ready to start this years love affair with the contestants, the storyline, the sunny Mediterranean setting and of course, the various trends and sayings that always emerge from each series. 

It definitely serves as great light entertainment, but there might be even more to gain from this incredibly popular reality TV programme when it comes to your love life. By observing some extremely attractive contestants go through the trials and tribulations of love in a stunning villa in Majorca, at the very least you can learn about the latest sunglasses trends, and learn an entirely new vocabulary. At the most though, you can learn some valuable lessons about love and how to better your own dating experience, no matter how old you are. Still not sure? Read on to find out the dating lessons you can learn from Love Island:

Age Is Only A Number

Yes, we heard you, nobody in Love Island is over 35! But, there have still been some significant age differences. Anna, for example, is nearing 30, and despite getting the chance to date basketball hottie Ovie who is closer to her age, she instead went back to Jordan who is only 23. There’s only 4 years in it but the proximity to 20 and the proximity to 30 are both completely different life stages, and yet, so far, they’re having a great time. The reason seems to be that regardless of age and somebody being right on paper, you can’t plan for chemistry. 

Lesson learnt – age is only a number, and don’t judge a person by their online profile only when you could have chemistry with them in person. 

The Support Of Your Friends Is Important

Unlike much more catty previous series of Love Island, the woman in this years series have been so close and supportive of each other. Anna and Amber are extremely close friends, and despite the potential for jealousy and friction, Francesca has remained totally at ease with Maura, and Molly-Mae avoided a complete bust-up with surfer Lucie. The guys have also bonded and made a close friendship, offering support to each other throughout the ups and downs of the process. Your friends aren’t on the dates with you and they aren’t the ones in the relationships you build, but they are the ones there through thick and thin in life, and their support is so important. 

Lesson learnt – your friends should be treasured throughout your life and especially with the dating process, where their insight and support is important. 

Staying In Great Shape For Yourself Is A Good Idea

The contestants of Love Island this year and every year look incredible, with many sporting six packs and a level of physical fitness, many of us would love to have. Of course there is some peacocking and showing off for the opposite sex, but many of them enjoy taking care of themselves just to feel great. Having good mental and physical health should always be a priority that remains, regardless of whether you are dating or not. Exercise is known to release feel good hormones, to reduce anxiety, to give you energy, boost your confidence and help you sleep better. Eating well is able to do all that and more. The two combined leave you fighting fit for dating and putting your best foot forward whatever your love life throws at you. 

Lesson learnt – staying in shape is great for your mental and physical health, regardless of whether you’re dating, but especially if you are trying to impress somebody new. 

Meeting People You Wouldn’t Usually Choose To Meet Can Broaden Your Dating Horizons

Although everybody going into Love Island signed up for the experience, they are all so different in their backgrounds and outlooks. This year has bought a surfer, basketball player, model, chemist, rugby player, air hostess and even a firefighter to the mix. Many of them have said how they wouldn’t usually go for a certain type of person and yet, in this experience they have found themselves drawn to people they wouldn’t usually even look at. Take Maura with Curtis for example. Maura says that she wants a guy who is manly, direct, honest and who takes control, and instead has found herself flirting with Curtis who is quite effeminate and who is a dancer. 

A study has shown that within online dating, both genders are less concerned with income or education of potential partners, but there are still indications that both genders can hesitate to send messages because of factors like the person seeming over-anxious or even overly clever. The fact is we are all still a bit too judgemental when it comes to the dating profiles of people we might want to date, and maybe being a bit more open minded could help us meet someone that little bit different, in the best possible way. 

Lesson learnt – Even though you might be using the best over 40 dating site to meet people, maybe you’re still dismissing people who might not be your type on paper, but in real life they tick boxes you didn’t even know you had. 

You Look Great With Or Without Makeup On

This years series has seen the girls and guys being a lot more relaxed about themselves when they are not made up. Plenty of shots of Maura scoffing food, or all of the girls being without makeup, the boys waking up with eyebags, and everybody generally looking less ‘party-ready’ have been shown, showing the reality of being human. This is an important message as body confidence is a real issue for many of us. 1 in 5 adults say that they have felt shame about their bodies, and just under 20% have felt disgusted with their own bodies after interacting with social media. 

Love Island are letting us see even the most perfect human specimens aren’t perfect, and have cellulite and eyebags and bad hair days. Even better, they are confident in who they are with potential new dates around the clock, makeup or no makeup. You should love yourself with or without makeup on, and so should anybody you allow in your life. Of course we want to look great on dates, but don’t make the effort for anybody who wouldn’t love you twice as much when you’re just being you without the frills. 

Lesson learnt – you’re great, and the right person for you should love you complete with any imperfections. 

“It is what it is.” – Love Island 2019

Love Island is of course, nothing to take seriously. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting that bit more out of it, including some of the dating lessons above. To cultivate your very own Love Island this year: refrain from getting chivey and enjoy dating with the support of your mates, and an epic amount of love for yourself.

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