5 of the Best Eco-Friendly Holidays You Can Take

Finding that green balance is difficult when you’re trying to plan a green vacation. Holiday travel is fun, and with the appropriate location it can also be eco-friendly. Some of the places listed are covered in greater detail on sanetraveller. Options are great to have during the busiest time of the year, so here are five that will show your love for the environment. 

5. Vancouver, Canada

Canada has been really strict about tacking waste and waste buildup. In particular, Vancouver has been ahead of the curve. They are crushing it by eliminating the most impactful environmental killers in the country. And they maintain their strength without disrupting the local’s way of life. It is a beautiful city year-round, with active biking, walking and camping mentality. When you want to kick back for the holidays and enjoy the greenery, Vancouver is a fantastic pick. 

4. Llanarthney, Wales

Taking a stroll in Wales is already a feast for the eyes. When that stroll turns into a trip to The National Botanic Garden of Wales, then it becomes something extra special. This is an estate that was built in the 1600’s to celebrate the beauty of nature. It is well kept, and has some of the world’s largest features in multiple areas for a botanical garden. This is an amazing green experience that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. 

3. Bali, Indonesia

You can’t have an eco-friendly list without mentioning Green School in Bali. John Hardy founded the school in 2006 by making sure it was built with sustainable materials. Not only does it live up to expectations by using natural power, but the school teaches children how to build and live in an eco-friendly environment. There are a lot of activities taught by the school that can be used when you go back home. Bali is an out of the way holiday vacation for many, yet it makes sense if you want to see one of the greatest achievements created for the environment. 

2. Berlin, Germany

Speaking of out of the way, what about Berlin? Normally, going to Berlin on a regular family trip would be fun on its own. For the eco-friendly family, there are some hidden gems that not a lot of people know. The nonprofit Nomadic Green will have you snapping multiple photos, both for its beauty and ingenuity. They created a mobile garden in brownfield called the Prinzessinnengarten. Like the Green School, it does a good job of showcasing and teaching the benefits of eco-friendliness. 

1. Santa Barbara, California

The biggest surprise on the list comes from California in Santa Barbara. The state isn’t exactly known for being the friendliest place to the environment, although measures have been put in place over the years. Due to floods, there have been a lot of changes in the canyons and cliffs near Cuyama River. California managed to turn those natural environmental changes into a healthy place to grow food. The endless crops of grapes, lettuce and other items makes for a great window seat story. Sampling some of these crops or taking some pistachios home is a good memory. 

Wrap Up

Once you find that magical holiday place, it’ll create a memory worth saving. Eco-friendly holiday travel is scenic, good for the environment and is something that everyone can enjoy. Keep close to the things you love without sacrificing the festivity of the holidays.

*this is a collaborative post.

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