5 Reasons To Have an Autumn Declutter

With cooler temperatures this weekend, and actually needing to get a coat out, can we say that autumn is actually here? I know technically summer is still around for another week or so, but I am so ready for it to be autumn. The weather, the crisp leaves, the clothing, the boots, the scarves, the getting cosy; I love it all. 

One thing that is a good idea at this time of year, is to have a declutter in the home. Before the busyness of half-term, Halloween, and Christmas come around, having a home that is ready to embrace it all can make such a difference. Here are some of the reasons why decluttering is a good idea in autumn.

Make some extra cash

We are probably all dreading our energy bills next month, right? And although you’re not going to be able to make thousands from the stuff in your home (unless you’ve got some amazing vintage treasures to sell), being able to generate a little more than usual could help to cover school lunches, a new coat, or other little bots and bobs that you need in the lead up to Christmas.

Using a site like Ziffit can be a quick and easy way to sell your wares. You can scan the barcodes of old CDs, games, books, and DVDs and make a little extra money that way. Not only can you make some money, but you will be playing a part, contributing to the circular economy which is helping the environment by avoiding landfill. Get the kids involved in scanning the barcodes and it will be done really quickly.

Create more space

When you get your festive decorations up and Santa has been, it can feel like there is just a lot of ‘stuff’ in the house. By decluttering ahead of time, you will avoid this to a certain degree. More space means that you will have clearer surfaces and more space in drawers and cupboards. Whilst this is great to look at, having more space can actually be really calming and help you to feel less stressed. 

You decide what gets replaced

This might not be the main motivation for decluttering, but if you are sorting the kids’ toys, for example, then you will be able to decide what gets replaced, if anything. In the leadup to the festive season, when you know Santa will be coming, you can make space for certain items that will be coming in, if anything, rather than adding to what you already have and making more and more ‘stuff’ all over the house.

Reduce stress

If you are anything like me, having too much clutter in the house can really spike my stress levels. It is proven that clutter in your home, when it is a little out of control, can promote your stress levels. By decluttering and choosing to simply own less, you can easily reduce the stress in your life when it comes to things that you own and things that you need to sort or tidy each day. Fewer belongings means less to maintain, which means you’ll find it easier to keep your home tidy.

Save time

Decluttering is something that will help you to save time. If you spend a lot of your time trying to remember where things are, if you even have them at all, then being able to save time is going to be such a good thing. It will be easier to find things when there is simply less to sort through. When decluttering and deciding what you want to keep, think about creating some new storage and filing systems to help you to be more organised as you go. You could also make a much more conscious effort to remember where things are all stored, and where certain items are kept in the home.

What are your reasons for decluttering at this time of year? It would be great to hear what you think.

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