5 Reasons To Try A New Job, Even If You’re Happy Where You Are

Changing jobs is usually something that we loathe. We hate the idea of switching up our routines and changing our days. 

But change is something that our lives need. If we just carry on doing the same thing, day after day, things slowly get dull and tedious. Eventually, the joy drains out of life and we find ourselves seeking out new challenges. 

In this post, we take a look at the reasons to try a new job, even if you are happy where you are right now. Yes, switching roles will disrupt your lifestyle, but, ultimately, that’s what you need to keep the tedium at bay. 

You Can’t Take On A Leadership Role

Dead-end jobs are bad for most people, but they are particularly harrowing for people with genuine leadership potential. You wake up every day wishing that you had more responsibility and didn’t have to follow other people’s orders all the time. 

Fortunately, there are many kinds of leadership roles you can take on immediately. For instance, if you become a member of a franchise, you can earn responsibility over a business from day one and pretty much run it on your terms, with a few exceptions. If you decide to go down the franchising route you’ll find there are many different types so you should be able to find a niche that suits you.

You can also look to move horizontally from where you are now to another company offering more senior positions. Firms need managers who understand how business operations work – so you might be in short supply. 

You’re Coasting

Coasting feels good while you’re doing it. But, in many cases, you’re storing up problems for yourself in the future. If you allow yourself to coast, you’ll miss opportunities to develop your skills and become more valuable in the workplace. This, in turn, can lower your long-term value and leave you underpaid as you move towards the end of your career. 

You’re Losing Money

Time is money. So if you’re spending it in a low-paid job, you could actually be losing income. 

Think about how much somebody with your skill could earn if you were fully utilizing your talents. Then compare that to your actual salary to see if they match up. If they don’t, you’re missing out. 

You Think You Can’t Progress

Many people believe that they can’t progress their skills beyond what they are right now. They already feel as though they are giving their all. 

But that’s rarely true. In fact, when people really push themselves, they discover that they can do pretty much what others in the place of work can do. There aren’t big differences between them.

The trick here is to put yourself in a position where you will experience genuine challenges. Resistance is a good thing. 

You Are Shaming Yourself

Many people practice gratitude and then, at the same time, shame themselves when they want more. They feel that their present circumstances should be enough.

The trick here is to realize that both sides of the coin can be true. Your current work can be good enough for you, while you are also free to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. Just because you want more pay, it doesn’t mean that you’re ungrateful for what you have now. 

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