5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your house, especially if you’re about to sell it. When it comes to listing your home on the market, you want to get as much money as you can for it, so making upgrades from room to room can really help you to do that.

Whether you decide to upgrade with Bathshack bathroom suites or you decide to upgrade by changing out the handles on the cabinets and redoing the paint on the walls, you need to think about what kind of value you’d like to pour into your house. If you are selling to a new buyer and you want to get more money on the market, then you need to make sure that you are doing the most impressive upgrades. You should consider it an investment in your bathroom because you know that you’re going to get that money back if the value of your house is improved. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons that you should go ahead and upgrade your bathroom. 

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  1. You can boost the usability with the right bathroom remodeling. You can enhance the room’s functionality to meet your needs much better. For example, by increasing the size of the shower or installing a double vanity with a sink, you’ll be able to improve the bathroom and make it more comfortable, especially for couples and for families. Remodels can add the missing functionality that it’s missing, such as installing a separate tub from your stand up shower or adding a linen closet for storage.
  2. You can really elevate the style of the bathroom. Renovations can provide the perfect opportunity to make sure that you upgrade the room style. You can create a beautiful, more spa-like atmosphere for the bathroom which adds value to the house. When you update the elements such as mirrors and light fixtures, you can transform the room to make it brighter and airier, even if it is the smallest room in the house. You get the bathroom that you deserve with the stylish finishes and features that you’d like to be able to showcase. 
  3. You can increase the value of the house. Mid range bathroom remodeling can recoup around 70% of the costs when you sell. An updated bathroom can add some serious value to the property and this is going to help you to sell your home faster. 
  4. Improve the energy in the home when you do your bathroom upgrades. Think about energy efficient light bulbs and low flow toilets. When you choose these, as well as water saving shower heads, you can upgrade to efficient fixtures and make your bathroom much more sustainable.
  5. You can make your bathroom safer with slip resistant flooring and with 0 threshold showers you can make the bathroom accessible and safer so you don’t have to worry about slips, trips or falls. 

Your bathroom is going to add value to your home and make it easier to sell. Why not upgrade it and see how much you can add?

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