5 Signs That You Could Have a Fertility Problem

If you’re struggling to conceive, you’re definitely not alone. Around one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving, as many factors can affect a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. There are so many myths out there about infertility, and most are just old wives’ tales!

So, that being said, it’s important to do your research and learn where the real difficulties can stem from. Here are five signs that you could have a fertility problem:

#1: Difficult menstrual periods

Women who experience very heavy and painful periods could be suffering from endometriosis – a difficult condition where tissues usually found in the womb become present elsewhere in the body. Endometriosis can definitely lead to infertility, so it’s important to watch out for symptoms like painful sex, chronic pelvic pain, back pain, and fatigue.

In addition, if your menstrual blood is paler or darker than usual, this could also be a cause for concern. If your menstrual cycle is irregular this can contribute to infertility, as it means you may not be ovulating regularly.

#2: Hormonal changes

You may not even notice hormonal changes, but they can be the underlying cause of your struggles to conceive. It’s worth getting checked out if you experience weight gain, severe acne, reduced sex drive, new facial hair, nipple discharge, and cold feet and hands – these are all symptoms of tricky hormonal changes.

#3: Your age

It’s an unfortunate fact that both female and male fertility declines with age. For women, the risk of infertility increases at age 35. Women over 35 are also sadly more likely to experience pregnancy loss and to have a child with a congenital disease. Most people are unaware of how significant the effect of age on fertility is. If you’re over 35 and struggling to get pregnant, consult a fertility doctor.

#4: You’ve had previous STIs

Sexually transmitted infections can cause infertility, which is particularly difficult given some diseases don’t present symptoms – you may have an STI without even knowing! Infection and inflammation from gonorrhoea or chlamydia can cause the blockage of the fallopian tubes – which could make unassisted pregnancy impossible. Untreated sexually transmitted infections are even more dangerous, so please be careful!

#5: You smoke or drink

We hate to break up the party, but if you smoke and/or drink alcohol to excess, the chances of you conceiving a child are significantly reduced. In women, smoking speeds up the process of ovarian ageing and can even bring on an early menopause. Heavy drinking can also create infertility.

What can I do?

If you’ve followed the above advice and you’re still battling fertility issues, we recommend purchasing an ovulation tracker to give you a helping hand. Wondering what ovulation trackers do? Mylo have produced a helpful how-to guide that explains their myLotus fertility and ovulation tracker, a personalised device which measures and analyses the precise levels of your Luteinising Hormone to spot your best ovulation days. Their tracker is also perfect for women with tricky menstrual cycle issues.

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