5 Steps You Can Take to Counteract and Slow Your Hearing Loss

Every year, tens of thousands of people find themselves coping with various degrees of hearing loss. If it’s happening to you, it can be alarming, and you may wish to look into Miracle-Ear’s hearing aids to combat hearing loss or one of the other companies that produce such devices. They will help you to hear your family and friends again when they talk to you, and you can listen to music that you like, or the TV without the volume turned all the way up. If you haven’t yet begun to experience any hearing loss, though, there are some things that you can do to make it less likely that you will suffer from this affliction.

Wearing Ear Plugs When Around Loud Noises

If you work at a construction job or you are regularly around noises that are higher than 85 decibels, then you should give some strong consideration to wearing earplugs. There are some jobs or places where people live where it’s almost impossible to get away from loud noises, but at least if you wear earplugs at the appropriate times then you will be partially protected.

Get a Baseline Hearing Test

If you suspect that you might be starting to feel any effects of hearing loss, then you can see a doctor and get a baseline hearing test called an audiogram. You will listen to different frequencies of noises and then give a signal when you hear them. This will determine how your hearing is doing, and whether you need to consider making some lifestyle changes.

Don’t Ever Listen to Music at a High Volume

Listening to music at a high volume regularly is one of the most prominent causes of hearing the loss in older adults. That is going to be the case regardless of whether you go to a lot of loud concerts or whether you listen to loud music in your home. If you go to shows where you know that the music will be loud and you will be near the stage, bring earplugs to wear. Don’t crank the music up when you’re listening to it at home, either.

Do Not Listen to Music Through Headphones at a High Volume

If you choose to listen to music through headphones or with earbuds, then you should likewise keep it turned down. You can still hear it well even if it is not at a volume that will damage your ears. Show a little restraint, or you will regret it later on in your life. Keep in mind that hearing loss is permanent.

Don’t Put Things in Your Ears

You should also never put any foreign objects in your ears for any reason. Doing so can cause damage to the delicate inner part of the ear, and it could cause infection as well.

The optimal way to avoid hearing loss is to take care of your ears from a young age. If you have already damaged your hearing somewhat, you can still begin taking precautions now to keep things from getting worse. It’s in your best interest to protect your hearing if you want your quality of life to remain high, so try not to ever be careless in this regard.

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