5 Things You’ll Need to Know Before a Mount Ararat Climbing Attempt

When it comes to taking on a new venture, you want to be prepared for anything ahead of you. That means doing some research so that you’re not surprised by anything that comes your way.

And one of the most important times to do research is when you’re interested in climbing a famous mountain. Mount Ararat is located on the East end of Turkey and is a thriving tourist destination, especially those who enjoy the thrill of climbing. But before you decide to plan your trip, here are some things you should know before making the attempt.

The Tour Rate

It might be a good idea to check out an Armenia Tour Package to take care of your hiking expenses, as this trip can get pretty pricy. There are plenty of people who offer themselves up as “tour guides” near the base of the mountain, charging exorbitant amounts of money to take visitors all the way to the top. They tend to be ill-prepared for the trek itself, climbing without any gear whatsoever and risking their own health for some money.

Good Mobile Phone Reception

It would surprise you to know that the area around the mountain was pretty good cell reception. This means that you can have contact in the case of an emergency or you can send photos to your friends and family who didn’t have the opportunity to be there with you. You will have to put your phone in roaming mode, however, so be prepared to pay extra on your phone bill.

Extreme Weather

You may start off your climb in very warm temperatures, but it is going to drop severely, so it’s good to be prepared. It can get as cold as -20 degrees Celsius, so you’re going to have to pack a lot of outer gear to deal with the elements. There are also very intense winds that can make it feel even colder, so you want a decent tent and sleeping bag as well.

Getting Altitude Sickness

If this is your first time conducting a climb, then you should be prepared for altitude sickness. Even the most physically-fit individuals are capable of contracting it and have nothing to do with physical health. The air becomes thinner the higher you go, causing you to experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and headaches. Tell your guide and the other members of your climbing team that you’re experiencing symptoms so that you can receive treatment.

Obtaining Climbing Permits

You can’t just take a bus to Mount Ararat and climb on your own. You require climbing permits from the government of Turkey before you can start your climb. The cost is pretty low – about $50 US – so it’s worth it. Without the permit, you’re less likely to receive assistance when an emergency arises.

It can be a thrilling experience, going somewhere new and trying out something you’ve never done before. But it also pays to do your research and be safe about it. Ensure you’re taking the proper means to have fun and be safe on your trip.

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