5 Tips on How to Create a Space for Yoga and Meditation

A new trend in the Western world (even though they’ve both been around for centuries), yoga and meditation have made their benefits known to millions of people. Sometimes seen as a “cooky science” or healing crystal parallel, yoga and meditation actually have scientifically backed benefits. Improving concentration, relieving stress, improving mental health, and increasing body awareness are just a few of their many benefits. It’s possible to reduce back pain that eventually led to spinal disc problems. To learn more about spinal disc treatments, visit the healtchcare professionals over at ThriveMD. But how do you get started? Let’s look at 5 tips to get started.

A Clear Area

The space that you practice yoga and meditation is extremely important. To build good habits, it’s beneficial to use the same place at the same time, a scheduled regimine. Find a clear area to start off with. This can be in your garage, backyard, or even a rug in your room. Something your mind associates with yoga and meditation everytime you’re there. Once you’ve picked your special place, make sure to clean and tidy it up. Limit the amount of of external and internal distractions for maximum results.

Proper Lighting

Lighting can sometimes be an overlooked factor. For example, sunlight provides many health benefits and can help improve your mood. However, personal preferences always differ. A dimly lit room with candles or light pieces can create a serene environment. Whether you prefer bright rays or cozy hues, make sure to implement that into your meditation space. 

Natural Elements

Do you ever feel happier, more down-to-Earth when you walk through the woods? You should! As beings of nature, humans experience positive emotions when exposed to outdoor scenery. It’s possible to manipulate this fact and brings the outdoors, indoors. Adding plants, water features, or scented smells can help add more natural elements into your meditation space. 

Personal Touches

Making a space your own and adding personal touches will help you maintain your yoga and meditation habits. Making sure that your meditation space doesn’t feel completely alien to you will help you focus and feel more at home. Bring pictures, sentimental items, or other personal objects to add some warmth to your space. 


Laslty, keeping up your yoga and meditation habits is important to maintaining your mental well-being. But what if you live a busy lifestyle? Being able to up and move your meditation space is a great idea so you can continue practicing on the road. Business travel, extended vacations, or unexpected events are some reasons to have a mobile meditation space. 

Here are some more health changes that will make you feel even better. 

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