5 Tips to Stay the Perfect Temperature Throughout the Night

How many times have you woke up in the middle of the night shivering from the cold weather? Or, even worse, waking up in the morning in a massive pool of sweat? Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult setting our bedrooms to the perfect temperature; you may go to bed feeling warm, but you never know how the temperature will change overnight.

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Joy Richards, sleep-expert at Happy Beds, talks about how we can help our bodies adjust to the perfect temperature during the night.

  • A Mattress Suited to Your Body Temperature

“You should invest in a mattress that you know will keep you comfortable all through the night. A popular option for sleepers that tend to get a little chilly during the night is a memory-foam mattress, as they are made using a temperature sensitive material and can store the heat as your body moulds to the mattress.

“If you often find that you’re too hot during the night, but you still want a memory-foam mattress, then not to worry as some are made to cool you down as your temperature rises. Consider mattresses with a latex gel top, for example.

It might be worth checking out this LayGel infused Memory Foam mattress from Happy Beds, if you are someone that heats up during the night.”

  • Invest in an Electric Blanket

“Electric blankets are an absolute lifesaver, especially if you’re cold one minute, and hot the next. These go underneath your bed sheets and there is a remote on the side for you to select the temperature you desire. There are often 3 settings.

“The good thing about these is that you can pick and choose when it comes on and they heat up pretty fast.”

  • Scrap the Extra Bedding

“The latest Instagram craze is having a bed with far too many pillows and blankets. While it looks great, it certainly isn’t practical sleeping with all of this. Ensure that you throw your pillows onto the floor every evening, rather than sleeping on top of them– especially if they are fluffy, this could be what contributes to your sweaty snoozes!”

  • Don’t Work Out Too Close to Bedtime

“Working out too close to bedtime can affect your sleep. Try going on a long walk or give yoga a go rather than doing some high intensity interval training (HIIT). Your body will take a long time to cool down and this can contribute towards a disturbed sleep.

“Try and get all of your daily exercise done at least 4-hours before bedtime, to ensure your body has time to cool down after.”

  • Instead, Take a Warm Bath

“I mean, who doesn’t love a relaxing bath? Baths are an effective way to facilitate sleep as your body’s sudden drop in temperature helps you relax and regulates the body’s circadian rhythms. This is exactly why new parents always bath their baby just before their bed time, to ensure they get as long a sleep as possible. The cooling down process takes about an hour once you get out of the bath.”

*this is a collaborative post.

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