5 Top Tips For Freebie Hunting Newbies

It seems like the nation is obsessed with freebies. Whether it’s waiting in line for three hours to get a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme or asking the best fast food joints for a lifetime supply of free nuggets, there are seemingly no lengths people won’t go to in order to get their hands on some free stuff. When you first get involved in the world of freebies, however, there are some rules you should set for yourself to ensure you are getting the best out of it. The top tips featured below might also be helpful for seasoned free stuff hunters.

1. Sounds too good to be true? It most likely is.

Often, the buzz of getting some free stuff from www.hotfreestuff.co.uk and getting one of our favourite brandsamples can impair our judgement. According to Professor Dan Ariely, the majority of transactions have both an up and downside, but when we hear that something is free, we often forget to consider any potential downsides. The emotional charge people experience when hearing the word “free” can make them immensely overvalue what they are actually getting for free. In other words, common sense often goes out the window when considering what we need to do to get a freebie. Companies will often make you metaphorically sell your soul in return for a freebie, so you need to understand what exactly you are getting. Think about whether the freebie offer sounds genuine. It’s unlikely any brand will be giving away free £1000 gift cards in exchange for nothing in return anytime soon. Always take time to read and understand the T&Cs of any offer, so you know what you are agreeing to.

2. Lower your expectations.

It’s pretty rare to find full-sized freebies. Most free products come in sample-sized sachets or packets. Companies offer freebies so people can try out a product before they commit to buying a full-sized version. Furthermore, you shouldn’t expect to get every freebie you apply for. Even if you manage to claim every free sample available, in probability, you will only receive around 70% of them. If your incoming mail starts to become rather sparse, don’t lose hope – continue to keep applying and you’re sure to find yourself drowning in freebies in the near future. That said, you need to ensure applying is worth your time. This means checking the T&Cs of offers to see how big the sample is and how many are available.

3. Don’t ask, don’t get.

It’s often worth writing or emailing companies to ask if they have free sample products available for you to try. In addition, it is known that many companies send people who contact them with positive feedback about their products big boxes of free items or gift vouchers. Equally, there’s also a chance that a company will send people who contact them expressing dissatisfaction with a particular product a free replacement with many additional freebies bundled into the package.

4. Never feel guilty.

There is no reason to free guilty when it comes to getting freebies from your favourite brands. Businesses are not losing hundreds of thousands of pounds because you requested a few free items. In reality, they could be benefiting from sending you the freebies more than you might first imagine. Every free sample a company sends out gives them the chance to possibly gain a new customer. Let’s face it, if you receive a free product from a company and you really like it, you’re more than likely going to buy a full-sized version once the sample runs out.

5. Consider using a separate email address.

This is arguably the most valuable tip for those preparing to apply for lots of free products. In order to avoid receiving hundreds of spam emails in your main email inbox, setting up a separate email address is key. You might also want to use a different telephone number to avoid unwanted calls to your landline or business mobile.

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