5 Traits of an Amazing Caregiver

Older people in the community must be looked after and cared for because it is the humane thing to do. Unfortunately, there are many home aide agencies that hire employees that do not work out for one reason or another and end up quitting after a few short weeks. This is not an ideal situation for the person, as they need someone that will be consistent with them so that their basic needs are met each day. Below is a closer look at caregivers and the five traits that set them apart from aides.  


For some people, understanding CDPAP can be a bit difficult, but it does not have to be. The letters stand for a consumer-directed personal assistance program and it involves allowing people to hire and manage their caregivers. This is ideal because it will allow older people to hire a child of theirs, a relative, or a close friend. Hiring someone that close to the person will ensure positive traits of a caregiver are present.


One of the most important traits to have as a caregiver is compassion. Having compassion for another person means that you understand what that person is going through. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the situation to compel you to do everything you can to assist them.


Older people that need home care don’t need it once in a while, but more so every day. Everyone’s needs are different, as some may need help with paying bills, running errands, taking medications, bathing, getting dressed, and so much more. Because they need so much assistance daily; having someone they can count on is very important.


Caregivers must be trustworthy because they are in a person’s home for a long time each day and they have access to belongings of the person they are caring for. In such situations, it is much better to have a relative or a friend than a complete stranger. Not only that, but the person will feel much safer having someone they know assisting them daily.


Those who provide home care to others must be patient. Being patient means that the caregiver understands that plans change, things may not go as quickly as they would like them to, and the person receiving the care may not always want the assistance. Being patient also means that they will recognize various signs and work them out with their client, no matter how much time it will take.

Pays Attention

A final trait of a wonderful caregiver is their attentiveness. It is very important that they pay attention to the changing needs that are taking place, as this will indicate any emotional or physical changes in the person they are caring for. Not only that, but paying attention to a person will let them know that you care for them and love them. This will make them extremely happy to know that someone is looking out for their well-being.

A caregiver is not an easy job, but being a caregiver to someone you already care about is a much easier concept to grasp. More and older adults are looking into home care because it is affordable and it allows them to stay in the comfort of their own home. Not only that, but they may be able to get a loved one or a family friend to take care of them and get paid for their services.

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