5 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

There’s no doubt that most people spend much of their home time in the living room, which is why it’s a prime consideration when it comes to decoration. Whether a home’s style is formal or relaxed, modern or traditional, subdued or bold, the living room should be sufficiently comfortable to impact positive energy when spending quality time with family and friends. It’s, therefore, imperative to be keen when decorating a room in order to make it look sophisticated and cozy for everyone. The best part about decorating the living area is that one can change the appearance of the room as often as they want. However, before embarking on renovating their house, homeowners should consider implementing the following living room décor ideas.

Selecting Presentable Furniture

Whether a homeowner is building a house from scratch or updating a living room in which they’ve occupied for years, it is important to select furniture that optimally complements their interior décor. Holding on to an expensive but decades-old set of couches or recliners will do nothing for the aesthetic appeal of living space. Preferably, one should remove and dispose of all the old, damaged, undersized, and oversized stuff and start afresh. If it’s a family heirloom that no longer fits the living room’s design, it should be given a new spot elsewhere in the home.

Choosing a Suitable Color Scheme

For a home to look decent and organized, there have to be two to three colors that complement the wall, furniture, and carpet. If, for example, the couches are gray, the walls are white, and the carpet is tan, then yellow and turquoise should be the color theme for all the other accessories. Similarly, if most of the furniture’s are brown, a homeowner’s choice for a color scheme should be based on warmer tones like violet and burgundy. As an alternative to different colors, homeowners can also settle for a monochromatic theme; they could, for example, beautify their living room with neutral or blue shades.

Lighting Everything Up

Lighting is often ignored when homeowners are contemplating decorating a living room. Illumination is, however, a critical element that can potentially provide a room with a unique look and harmonizes the style and functionality of the living space.  Lighting often comes in handy when looking to introduce a positive aura in a home, which is achieved by illuminating the existing décor. A mix of ambient overhead and task lighting can impact a superior warm glow in a room. Floor and table lamps are excellent options for punctuating an individual’s style. They also introduce a secondary touch of color in a living room’s décor.

Discovering a Style that Satisfies your Objective

Time spent reading magazines and blogs shouldn’t be limited to providing entertainment alone; it ought to help people discover essential information for choosing the perfect style for their home. Pinterest, for instance, is a great source of information. If, for example, a person loves exposed wood scraps and clean lines, then mid-century and modern could be the styles that will perfectly suit their home. Similarly, those who prefer slipcovered seats and painted wood are inclined towards country décor. After selecting a great style, purchasing significant items like the entertainment center, sofas and carpet should follow as they occupy the focal points in the living room.

Placing Mirrors in Different Places

Homeowners often place mirrors strategically in a living room to reflect the beauty of the furniture. For small living rooms, a large mirror in a central location is an ideal addition as it makes the room appear larger. However, for those who want to add ambiance and reflect light, they should place the mirror behind a source of light such as a pendant lamp. If possible, one can elect to place a mirror across the window to reflect the amazing exterior view.

Decorating any room, leave alone the living space is a daunting process. Homeowners are often torn between many ideas, wondering whether to go mid-century, vintage, classic or nautical. Some people prefer living in a bright colored room while others want their living space full of black and grey furniture. The advice for maintaining sanity is to be true to oneself and enjoy decorating the living space. In other words, there’s no need to incorporate complicated designs when decorating a living room, after all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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