5 Ways to Guarantee a Better Night’s Sleep

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Being a mummy will without doubt mean sleepless nights – particularly if you’re new to parenthood. But getting behind on our sleep is a recipe for disaster, especially for those of us who are running around trying to hold down a job and a family.

So how can we make sure we’re getting as much shut eye as we possibly a can? Here are a few tried and tested methods to make sure you get those essential forty winks.

~ Have a good night time skincare routine

It can be very tempting to come in from a night out and fall into bed without taking your make up off – but your skin won’t thank you for it! To help you feel refreshed in the morning, make sure you remove your make up with fragrance and paraben-free wipes, before applying a night cream to help heal your skin while you drift off.

~ Remove all distractions

We’re all guilty of being slaves to the digital age, and unfortunately this is beginning to creep into our bedrooms. Whether it’s a laptop, a television or even your beloved mobile phone, it needs to go – your bedroom is a place of sleep. Scientists have even proven that these artificial lights can hinder sleep, so leave the social devices to the living room.

~ Choose your evening drink wisely 

If you like to have a drink before you go to bed, then you need to think carefully about what that drink is. Water can be refreshing and hydrating, just don’t guzzle too much that you’ll need to get up in the night! You could try delta 9 THC drinks or other herbal-infused hydration, as something to relax you before bed to improve sleep. Whatever you choose, you should definitely avoid caffeinated drinks, so be sure to stay away from coffee before hitting the hay.

~ Improve your sleeping environment

While it’s one thing to remove those distractions, have you considered that your bed itself may be the problem? Whether it’s a lumpy mattress or a too-high-tog duvet, you need to address the issue by investing in new furniture. If you sleep with a partner, talk it over with them too – you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

~ Get into a routine

One of the biggest hindrances to a good night’s sleep is a lack of routine – for example, working 9-5 all week and then throwing yourself out with late nights at the weekend. If you want a more improved sleep cycle over a long period of time, make a deal with yourself to have X amount of hours each night. Keep a bed time and stick to it, or if you want to be more flexible, have a set amount of time – you can adjust your alarm clock accordingly to fit in with your timetable.

~ Never take your issues to bed

We all go through it – we have a bad day at work or we argue with our nearest and dearest, and it plays on our minds. This is hardly a recipe for a good night’s rest, so the best way you can address it is to talk it through. Many couples have a rule never to leave an issue unresolved before going to bed. If the issue is separate from your relationship however, make sure you have somebody to rant to before you hit the hay – the extra hours you spend talking it out will be more than made up for with improved sleep.

Hope these help you! I know leaving my phone off definitely helps me.

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