5 Ways To Upcycle And Resell Old Furniture

Instead of throwing out old furniture, consider bringing it back to life. If you upcycle antique furniture effectively, then you can sell the pieces to bring in extra cash. 

Intrigued? Continue reading this blog to find out how to start a furniture-flipping business.

What Is Upcycling Furniture? 

When furniture is no longer able to perform its original function or if it’s simply looking a little worn, then upcycling allows it to be transformed into something else, giving it a second life. 

Upcycling is a form of recycling and reusing, which more people are becoming aware of, trying to find new ways to lower their carbon footprint. The more furniture that is upcycled, the less need there is for furniture to be manufactured. This means less energy usage and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

Restoring old pieces of furniture is a great way to add longevity to functional items and return them to their former glory. Furthermore, old furniture tends to be well crafted and made from a strong material, such as walnut or mahogany, so once restored, pieces will be sturdy as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Many businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, are opting for upcycled furniture because not only are they a greener and cheaper alternative to acquiring new furniture but they also bring character to a space. 

How To Upcycle Old Furniture 

  1. Painting and Refurbishing

Colours go in and out of fashion, depending on the era. For example, bright yellows, oranges, and greens were popular colours in the 1960s. You may want to capture this style, which can be achieved in numerous ways.

However, some older furniture, such as wardrobes and sideboards from the 1920s, are made from dark materials, which can absorb light in a room, making it appear small and even drab. This is where a lick of paint can do wonders!

Furthermore, there are bound to be scratches, chips, and imperfections on old furniture, so paint is useful for hiding these. You can experiment with colours and shapes, enabling you to create something unique. 

Before you begin painting furniture:

  • Clean with a mild solution and cotton cloth. 
  • You may want to strip the item. This can be done with a stripper and scraper. 
  • If the piece has any scratches or chips, fill these in with wood filler. 
  • Once the filler is dry, sand the item (in the same direction as the wood). 
  • Remove any dust with a cloth.

Now you are ready to paint! Ensure that you use a primer and wood paint. 

  1. Accessorising

As with paint, adding accessories to a piece of furniture can transform it, increasing its aesthetic appeal and value. 

For example, replacing old knobs with quirky-looking ones can bring a dressing table up to date as well as make it unique and functional.

You can also replace the legs on furniture, such as on tables and cabinets, to further add longevity to a piece.

  1. Create Furniture Sets

To add even more value to your upcycled item, consider creating furniture sets.

For example, if you are breathing new life into a wardrobe, then you could do the same to a bedside table, using the same paint and accessories. 

This will further increase the value of a piece because if someone is interested in buying one item, they may be more compelled to buy another if it is part of a matching set.

  1. What Furniture Should You Upcycle

The type of furniture you decide to upcycle to resell depends on the vehicle you are planning to use to transport them.

However, below is a list of items that can be upcycled with spectacular results:

  • Dressing tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room sets
  • Desks
  • Bedroom sets
  • Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Sideboards
  1. Find The Best Places To Acquire Used Furniture

You can pick up old furniture from many places. Some of these include:

  • Charity shops
  • Carboot sales
  • Social media
  • Antique fairs

Regardless of whether you wish to acquire painted furniture or pieces that require more TLC, there is endless potential to create something unique and functional, whilst ensuring it still retains the features of its time. 

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