5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests Breathless

Tradition dictates a band or DJ at a wedding ceremony. But what if your guests aren’t that much on dancing? What then? Do you have to keep them entertained in order to have a great reception? Well, yes!

Most couples pick a style and colours for their wedding, while some go as far as to pick a theme. A themed wedding is a great idea when it comes to planning the reception. Depending on what wedding entertainment ideas you can come up with, planning the after the marriage ceremony should be fairly easy.

So if you are looking for different styles of weddings, here is a list of 5 wedding entertainment and fun ideas that will leave your guests happy and breathless.

  • Magic

With a theme of magic, a bride and groom can organize their reception in many different ways. The main entertainment could be a magic show, complete with sawing one of the bridesmaids in half. They have small tables set up for fortune tellers and mind readers, build your own magic wand, and magical potions. This would appeal to both young and older individuals in attendance.

When sending out the invitations, you mention the magic theme or incorporate it into the actual invites. The decorations could be over the top or subtle, depending on your budget and the actual space.

  1. Carnival

There are several different takes on carnivals a couple could incorporate into their wedding. Depending on the time of year, and what they identify with culturally, a carnival celebration is different around the world.

A simple carnival could be the kind we all had at the end of elementary school each year. One with your favourite rides, carnival foods, and games for small prizes.

A couple could also do an old-fashioned Boardwalk style carnival with games and vaudeville-style shows. And don’t forget the face painting!

  • Food

It’s no secret that people get hungry later in the night, once the banquet food is over and dancing has begun. This theme could be anything from food trucks parked outside the reception hall to different demonstrations and lessons on the couples favourite foods.

Many brides opt for dessert bars like to build your own ice cream sundae or decorate a cupcake. These are more along the line of trends that are going on now but will work with many different styles of weddings.

Having appetizers and desserts brought out near the end of the party will be a big hit with hungry guests.

  • Must Love Dogs

Many couples are having their dogs as part of their big day. This can extend past the nuptials and go into the reception. Hiring a dog dance troupe or drill team that performs with their dogs is most entertaining to even those who don’t own pups.

As a thank you for attending gift, various size stuffed dogs could be waiting to go home with each guest.

  • Crafts

A couple who loves crafts of various types could have different skill stations set up around their reception. Painting, knitting, building wood items, paper crafts, and the like will keep your guests entertained and busy. Everyone from grandparents to the kids will enjoy making a memento to bring home from your special celebration.

If going for this theme, make sure there are plenty of cover-ups for guest so they don’t leave with paint or glitter on their nice clothes. Also, stock up on cleaning supplies.

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  • I find it interesting and unusual for you to recommend hiring a carnival at a wedding that includes rides, food, face painting, and games. In my opinion, another way to entertain guests is to hire a wedding band. With their help, everyone can dance to their music played live.

  • A themed wedding is, of course, a great idea. I actually liked the theme of magic. would have loved the magical appearance of the bride instead of sawing the braids maid during the wedding.

  • Wow, such a great article you have here, Rebecca! I’ve read one of your articles previously and I liked it too! I’ve attended several weddings and I’m always blown away with how the ideas and themes are being put together. I can’t agree with you more about dogs – they’re so cute and adorable. Indeed, they can add joy to any wedding. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this post. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are great ideas! Most of the weddings these days are indeed struggling as to what should they do during the reception time to entertain the guests and the newlyweds. I love all the ideas, specifically the “Must Love Dogs” part. That is a very brilliant thing to do! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, very helpful and informative! Will definitely save this for future reference!
    Emery Ocampo recently posted…17 Reasons Why You Should Get Married In The SummerMy Profile

  • A themed wedding is, of course, a great idea. I liked the thought of magic. would have enjoyed the mystic vision of the bride instead of sawing the braids maid during the wedding.

  • Very nice and formative Article your write in this post. I think A cocktail hour is an important part of your wedding day because it gives the photographer time to photograph the couple and their wedding reception. If you’re worried that you’re bored waiting for the bride and groom to enter their grand entrance, there are fun activities that you can plan while you wait for them, especially if you’re traveling for more than an hour. The whole bar and great snacks will certainly be enjoyed by your friends and family, but with the addition of games and activities you will surely become the best host of all time. Here we share eight great ways to keep your guests at work while taking pictures.
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  • I love it that you mentioned tradition in hiring a DJ for weddings. That also coincides with the culture and the generation that the couple was in. My fiancee and I plan to have a wedding and we both love Sade I hope we can find a wedding DJ who has the repertoire of having a Sade discography when the montages are played.

  • Before your wedding reception begins, welcome all the guests with a fantastic challenge: ask them to write you a nice tip to make your marriage the best. At the end, when you are already at home with your husband, you can read them all and put them into practice. Nothing better!