52 Week Photography Challenge | 3

I missed last week due to a bit of a crazy week but I’m back for week 3 and them theme is SIMPLICITY. I was playing with my daughter one morning this week, while the boy was at nursery and I just though how lovely and simple it was. Love the colours in the pictures too.

What do you think?

Mummy B Photography Challenge

 Rebecca x

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  • Love the colours too, and the composition too! I love just playing with my little one, living the hectic lifestyle we lead, its nice to be able to just sit down and have a good play! That’s our plan this afternoon after all housework is done – were going to play play-doh and puzzles!

    Thanks for linking up lovely

    Kay | http://www.mummyburgess.co.uk xxx

  • Such a good idea. The numbers 1-5 scream simple to me! Also, playing with your kids, costs nothing and is such a relaxing and simple thing to do # photographychallenge

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