6 Best Stay at Home Mum Jobs in 2022

No one can refuse that being a mother is a demanding job. However, a lot of mothers do want to get a paying job on the side. Having their own money provides them with a sense of independence and confidence as they are a necessary and valuable member of a private or public business and they contribute to its success. Additionally, there are always things that need to be fixed around the house and activities and presents that the kids desire which require money.

The pandemic has turned teleworking into a common practice for a lot of business and this is why it is easy to combine motherhood and work nowadays. Of course, not all job roles can be done remotely. For example, if you are a nurse, you must go to your hospital. 

Below you will find 6 jobs that are perfect for stay-home mums.

1. Voice-Over

Do people tell you that you have a nice voice? Would you like to be the voice behind a TV ad or a cute cartoon character? You can experiment with the range of emotion and the tone of your voice and upload a demo on voquent.com, whereprofessional agents can discover you and hire you for their project.

2. Transcriber

Sites where videos are uploaded are usually in need of transcriber. A transcriber writes the spoken words of a video. It is important that the subscription is of high quality because a lot of people enable the subtitle option even when their native language is spoken because they either deal with a hearing impairment or don’t want to disturb their loved ones.

3. Designer

Do you like designing logos? What about creating websites? If you are a creative person, this is the perfect job for you. You can arrange online meetings with your clients daily or weekly so that you can talk about the image of the brand and get feedback on your completed tasks.

4. Social Media

If you are a sociable and tech-savvy person, then you should apply for a social media manager role. You need to know how to take and edit both photos and videos, and you should be familiar with social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. As for your communication skills, they need to be on point as you will have to reply to comments and direct messages that customers send and you might even need to host lives events on the internet.

5. Digital Secretary

Nowadays, there are a lot of businesses that are completely online or that they have opted for remote working. This entails that secretarial tasks can also be completed online. Answering phone calls, replying to emails, arranging online meetings, booking venues and tickets can all be done online. You just have to be familiar with a plethora of online platforms that make working at home possible, like video calling and task manager apps.

6. Call Centre Agent

If you are a member of the customer service of a company, you can answer all of customers’ questions and problems from the comfort of your home. Make sure that you are in a quiet room in your house and you can help people just like you would if you were at the office.

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