6 Best Swimming Pool Equipment To Have In Summer 2020

As the days are getting warmer, it is a perfect time to take off the pool reels and make them swimming ready. Alongside, cleaning and maintaining the pool, it is important to equip your pool area with some essential tools. 


Well, it helps to expand the lifespan of your swimming pool and add more value to your property 

Here are the top 6 must-to-have pool equipment to buy before the summer arrives- 

  1. Robotic Pool Cleaner- 

You may find robotic pool cleaners expensive, but it’s worth buying. It is one of the most upgraded tools to clean small and large debris from the pool in a few minutes. A robotic tool is compact in size which makes it capable of reaching hard-to-reach corners and areas. 

There are numerous models of robotic pool cleaners in the market ranging from $400 to $1,300. As it lasts up to 8 years or more, buying robotic pool cleaners is a smart investment to make. 

Rest, it is suggested to buy a pool cleaner after evaluating the pool surface. For instance- to clean an abrasive pool area with pebbles, going for a strong pool cleaner with scrubbing potential is a must. 

  1. Pool Enclosures- 

Pool enclosures are growing popular to protect your pools from algae growth, bad weather conditions, water-PH imbalance while preventing dust, debris and sunlight. There are different types of pool covers including standard, mesh security, solid (vinyl) security, automatic, and retractable. 

The other unknown benefits of a pool cover include- 

  1. Maintains temperature 
  2. Enhances pool design 
  3. Eliminates the chances of water loss 
  4. Minimizes the chlorine consumption 

3. Pool Shock- 

If you find pool cleaning a tedious task, get familiar with the art of pool shock. It is a treatment where granular oxidizer is added to the water to maintain pool hygiene and keeps the water crystal clear for long. Although, chemicals like chlorine are used to maintain hygiene yet a shock treatment is mandatory to effectively sanitize the pool.  

Make sure not to enter the pool immediately after the pool shock treatment as it may result in skin allergy or irritation. 

4. Pool Stain Eraser-

It is a popular pool tool type which helps to remove scum lines and rigid stains from the pool. It is somewhere similar to pumice stone but is less abrasive. To see the best results, use it on vinyl or concrete pools. 

It is a preferred tool to clean stains like- algae, paint, calcium, metal, etc. 

5. Water Sample Bottle- 

Water balancing is important to be done frequently. It doesn’t just keep a check on your hygiene but somewhere proves beneficial to keep the pool corners clean. To ensure so, water sample bottle tests are ideal. To come up with accurate results, it is important to keep the water bottle at least 24 to 48 hours before diving in the pool. 

6. Pool Vacuum & Leaf Skimmer- 

Pool vacuums are easily available in the market. It helps to remove debris, stains, and excessive chlorine from the pool. Usually, pool vacuums come with two types of heads including- vinyl and concrete depending on the pool type.

If you can’t find a pool vacuum, go for a lead skimmer which serves the same purpose. It is an instant solution to dead bugs, floating debris, leaves, etc.

To get the best deal, consult your pool installation service provider so you can get all the pool equipment along with installation, repair & replacement services via one platform itself. 

The Final Word- 

A swimming pool with no tools and equipment is unsafe to use. The aforementioned list helps you maintain your swimming pool this summer. It won’t just help you cut your repair and maintenance cost but tenfold your pool cleaning hassle too. 

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