7 Baby Products You Need & Others You Can Skip

Having a newborn baby in your home means heap of diapers, handkerchief size dresses, countless toys, and a chaotic environment you enjoy. After all, you’d need to add new items in your home to ensure you have everything you need to care for your newborn.

If you are one of those who are still confused about what’s necessary and what’s not for your baby then this blog is for you:  

7 Baby Products Which You Should Never Forget 

Baby Car Seat- 

Never change your outing plans just because you have a baby now. Instead, take baby safety precautions to take your bundle of joy with you. For this, the first step should be installing a baby safety seat in your car. This is essential when you’re on a car ride with your baby, as it will keep them secure while you’re on the road. While installing it, pay attention to the head positioning as it may later cause choking and difficulty in breathing.

Some baby car seats also work as a carrier. These make excellent investments with various functions.

Organic Babycare Products- 

The market is flooded with several branded baby care products. One may not fathom but the giants can have an unbelievable track record as well. 

For instance, Johnson & Johnson has been slapped with many talcum powder lawsuits in recent times. So far, J&J has already paid $4.7 billion to women affected by talcum powder ovarian cancer. 

The major reason behind cancer is the presence of asbestos (cancer developing particles). To save your baby and yourself from such deadly products, go for organic brands like- Nature’s Baby Organics, Badger, Zoe Organics, Earth Mama, etc. 

When shopping for baby care products, check the ingredients for any suspicious chemicals you need to stay away from. Also, try to ask for recommendations from other experienced moms to find suitable items for your baby. 

Muslin Swaddling Blankets- 

Made with 100% cotton, these blankets are light-weight, breathable, soft & considered ideal for sound baby sleep. The best part is you can use these blankets as a stroller & nursing cover too.

Besides the blankets, you can also include the best baby play mats in your shopping list as they are great supplements to blankets. You can use them in your room so that you’ll have more space to lay your baby down. These will also make your home more baby-friendly, especially when your baby starts to become more active.

Safe Feeding Gear- 

One of the most important products is the baby feeding kit. You need to have this in your home as it’ll make it easier to feed your baby. Although the items included in a kit vary, it usually consists of- 

  • Minimum 8 or more sterilized bottles with clean nipples
  • A bottle-drying rack 
  • Dishwasher basket
  • At least 6 cotton bibs
  • 6 or more cotton-made burp cloths

The overall feeding kit parts may vary depending on the brand you choose. 

Bathing Kit- 

Only a mother can tell how challenging it can be to give a bath to a baby. To make it easier, there are many brands who have had introduced a complete baby bathing & grooming kit including- 

  • 4 or more washcloths
  • 2 or more hooded towels
  • Mild baby bath wash 
  • Cotton swabs
  • Baby comb and brush 
  • Nail clippers
  • Newborn baby tub

Baby Carrier- 

If your baby is 4-month-old, this is an ideal and comforting product to have. It’ll make it more manageable for you to take your baby to different places, like the pediatrician’s office. Available in many sizes, styles, and colors, it is one of the best-supporting products when taking your baby out for an evening walk. 


This pro device is a must to protect your baby from dry cough and cold. It adds a moist layer in the air to eliminate body irritation and itching which often makes babies restless. Having this at home will help you provide a safer and more comfortable space for your newborn. 

The Not-So-Necessary Baby Products- 

Diaper Pail- 

It is a container that is used for storing used nappies. It is a preferred choice for parents who do not wish to fill their homes with an unpleasant odor. Many parents go for other similar trash bins to serve the purpose while saving bucks. 

Nursing Pillow- 

It’s a supportive pillow that helps the mother obtain a perfect position while feeding. If you’re breastfeeding your child, this may be a useful item to get. Made with polyfill in a C-shape, such pillows are easily available in the market at nominal rates, or you can find nursing pillows online at Kidsco.

Wipe Warmer- 

Wipe warmers are quite enticing yet you can avoid spending on it. This chemical-free device ensures that the wipes are warm enough to maintain good hygiene of your little one.

Baby Bathtubs- 

For once, you may find them extremely important but many parents do not find them useful. Although a bathtub may provide a better bathing experience for your child, it may not suit them if they’re still too small. For newborn babies, bathtubs are slightly bigger in size which increases the risk of your baby accidentally slipping or drowning.

Crib Bedding- 

Many parents see it as a mandatory product but it’s really not. Why? Because in the initial stage, the baby requires a mother’s warmth the most. So, crib bedding won’t solve the purpose always.  

Bumbo Seat- 

A one-piece adorable seat with a high back support your baby. This product is used for fixing the sitting posture of the baby. As the baby learns to sit between 6 to 12 months, you need not buy this unless you want to click some pictures.

Every parent wants to shower their baby with every possible best product in the market but you can pick some over others – based on your needs & budget.  

Happy Parenting!

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