7 Different Types of Sofas would Transform the Look of your Living Room

The living room is a space where we spend most of our time. It is a happy place, where all members of the family sit together to spend some quality time together. If you are not thinking about the design of your living room, then things might start looking too drab, too soon. When it comes to the main set up ideas, the first thing that comes to our mind is the sofa set. An impeccable seating arrangement in the living room can change its entire get up. 

So if you are looking to spruce up your home, and get it refurbished, then the first thing you should invest in is the sofa. However, that is easier said than done! With so many types of sofas in the market, it can become very overwhelming to select just one of them. So, here are some sofa designs, which might suit the look of your living room.

The Leather Sofa

One of the easiest routes to take when it comes to sofas is the humble, leather sofa. It is super-soft, comfortable and meshes well with pretty much every set-up. Many people believe that leather sofas are a thing of the past, but truth be told, they are timeless. A classic piece of furniture which is fuss-free, the leather sofa is available in different types of frames for different living room sizes. 

The English arm roll sofa

This is a very graceful piece of furniture. If you wish to create a Victorian themed living room, then this sort of a sofa will work for you. The exposed legs and scrolled arms give it a very unique shape. The upright structure supports the posture of the person sitting and therefore is very comfortable. 

Tuxedo sofa

An extremely sophisticated kind of sofa, these are perfect for your home if you want to lend a contemporary vibe to your home. These look very classy and stylish, plus it happens to be very comfortable. This sofa will be the perfect addition to your home if you like all things to be very minimal. 

The Standard Sofa

A very common sofa set found in a number of houses, this sort of a sofa is popular for a reason. Stylish and comfortable, this is the perfect sofa for you, if comfort is your priority.  It lends a very homely vibe to space and makes guests feel at ease. 

The Chaise Lounge

If you happen to be someone who is soon to get married and are doing up your apartment, then this sofa will prove to be the right one for you. This is a very modern-looking sofa. If you are planning to have a romantic vibe in your place, then this is the best sofa to have. Loose cushions add to the appearance of this one. 

L-Shaped Sofa

An L-shaped sofa happens to be perfect for your living room space if you do not have a lot of room. It is a compact 5-seater which can be placed in any corner of the house. It is spacious and feels supremely comfortable. Plus, it is budget-friendly and will be perfect to seat a group of friends. 

The Sectional Sofa

This one will be perfect for you if you happen to have a large family. A great place for the whole pack to sit, and watch T.V this sofa is practical and comfortable. This is sure to become your best spot in the house because it is so comfortable! If you want, you can place some fluffy back cushions, to further amplify the comfort level. It looks very modern and is available in configurations of L and U, both of which are space-saving models. 

There are so many options when it comes to sofas, that it is easy to get confused. Try and analyze the theme and décor of your living room before picking out the sofa. Try and picture the sofa of your choice in your living room, so that you get a good picture of how cohesive will it look with the rest of the décor. Always consider things such as size, color, and fabric, before zeroing on the sofa of your choice. Choose something that will look royal and comfortable at the same time. The comfort factor is the most important, so if you are buying your sofas offline, then be sure to sit on them. 

Evok brings to you some amazing sofas at great prices.  Home to the most stylish sofa sets, that too at affordable prices. You can find both classic and contemporary pieces for your home. You can select them first hand, at your nearest store, or buy them online. Be sure to select something which will merge seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. 

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