7 Great Essentials for Off-the-Grid Camping

Boondocking, otherwise known as “off the grid camping,” is desirable for a lot of individuals. Not only does it save you money, but it can also allow you to connect with nature, and causes you to experience a world that is so different from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this article, we are going to take a look at seven essential items that you’ll need if you’re planning on commencing your journey. 

Solar Panels: 

One of the most essential things that you’ll require when going off-grid is electricity. You can opt for a generator, but solar panels are much more efficient and save you more money in the long run. A solar panel system can power your van all day, and will still absorb sunshine on those cloudy days, so you don’t have to be concerned about losing power. Solar power is much more environmentally friendly and will last longer than a regular generator. You can choose between installing the panels on the roof of your van or purchasing a portable board. 

Cooler for Food and Drinks: 

Just because you are dry camping, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy cold food and beverages. Coolers are great as they are convenient, easy to move around, and can hold a reasonable amount of goods. 

Cell Phone Booster: 

When boondocking, you want to be prepared in case of any emergencies, back home, and at your current location. A cell phone booster allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones, and make calls in case of an emergency. 

First Aid Kit: 

If you don’t have a first aid kit currently in your van or car, you should consider going out and purchasing one. If you are out camping somewhere with no help available, a first aid kit could save a life. Snake and spider bites, trips, and falls can all happen, so it’s best to stay on the safe side in case of an emergency.   


Camping off-grid means that you usually have to spend some time outside in the dark. Having some lamps with you in the camper ensures that you will always be able to see your way if you do have to step away.  

Personal Hotspot: 

WIFI and the internet have become essential in today’s world and play a vital role in staying in touch with your loved ones. By purchasing a personal hotspot, you don’t have to use up your phone’s data and can still share posts about your incredible journey.  

Water filter: 

If for some reason, you don’t have access to freshwater or run out while you are dry camping, a water filter can help you out of a sticky situation. By purchasing a portable water filter, you can filter other water sources to make them safe for drinking. 

And there you have it! These were seven essential items that you should consider taking with you on your boondocking trip. Always remember to stay safe, and it’s best to be prepared in case of any emergencies. Have fun, and remember to explore all that nature has to offer.

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