7 months…

Our (not so) little Maxibon is just over 7 months, can you believe it. It will be his first birthday and Christmas before I know it! – He can stand by himself now and is nearly crawling. He does move around the room though by rolling all over and pivoting his body around, it is so funny to watch.

– He is on 3 solid meals a day and a lot less milk, so I am enjoying that.

– He is still sleeping through the night – wahoo! – He is napping better than ever before, at least an hour in the morning and the afternoon. He would previously have about 20 mins twice a day, so it is amazing to see what I can achieve in an hour of baby-free time.

– He says da-da but still doesn’t realise what da-da is… he still just chats away and is very active and kicks about all the time – He has such a cute laugh and always has such a lovely smile for us first thing in the morning. In other news, my bestie Hailey just got engaged and I am going to be maid of honour! (well, I guess its ‘matron’ of honour if you’re already married, right?)

I’m so pleased for them and glad that we get to be part of their big day 🙂

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