7 Of The Best Kept Interior Design Secrets

Getting interior design right is tricky. That’s why it’s so important to do your research first and find the very best ways to improve the look of your home. Here are some of the best kept interior design secrets used by the pros.

Start With A Colour Scheme

Whenever you’re looking to completely makeover an interior, it’s best to start with colour. Colours form a base, from which your design ideas can flourish. Colour schemes should be simple. But don’t be afraid to be bold either. Try mixing different shades of the same colour in a single room. Then add another colour from the opposite side of the colour wheel to complement the palette. Stick to three or four different colours and shades for maximum effect.


Invest In Centrepieces

Every room in your house should have an artistic purpose. There should be a focal point around which all of the room is constellated. The type of focal point you choose will depend on the room. In the bathroom, it makes sense to make the bath the central point. Baths with legs make great centrepieces. If you’re looking to makeover your kitchen, make the island or the table the central element of the room.

Swap Out Curtains For Shutters

Shutters for windows are far more visually appealing than blinds or curtains. They allow light to penetrate a room in interesting ways throughout the day. In the morning and evening, light can be directed into rooms by the angle of the shutter. Equally, it can be shut out entirely, depending on your mood. During the midday sun, light can also be kept out to keep rooms cool. Or shutters can be kept open to reveal views of your garden and neighbourhood.

Create The Appearance Of Height

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in houses with high ceilings. But expert designers have known for a while that you don’t necessarily need a high ceiling to generate the same effect. One thing you can do is invest in low-height furniture. Low-height furniture will contrast to the overall height of the room, giving the impression of greater overall height.


Install Mirrors

Mirrors can make or break a room. The trick here is to make sure your mirrors are broken up into different sections. Otherwise, you run the risk of your bedroom or bathroom looking like a shop or a gymnasium. Install mirrors with simple, patterned styles to make them appear warmer and more in keeping with your home.

Dress Up Your Sofas

By themselves, sofas aren’t always the most stylistic elements of a room. But you can easily dress them up with new fabrics or extra cushions. The more cushions, the plusher your room will look. And the more plush it looks, the more inviting it will be.

Use Texture In Neutral Spaces

Many people love neutral interiors. They’re relaxing. But, too often, they can become overly bland. Here’s a pro tip: mix in textures to make the neutral spaces stand out more. Texture adds contrast which is often something neutral rooms lack.

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