8 Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

As one of the rooms in the house we spend most of our time in, the bedroom has to be many things: a soothing and relaxing environment where one can sleep the night away in total comfort, as well as a key room in the home for storage.

If your bedroom is in need of a freshen up, check out these 8 tips for some modern transformation ideas:

  • Create a glamorous and dramatic bedroom with dark colours. How about shades of midnight blue and grey? Or dark green for an earthy vibe? Darker colours could help you have a deep sleep, especially in the summer. Gold accents and mirrored furniture provide the opulent finishing touches.
  • Why not opt for a TV bed for ultimate luxury and comfort? Lie back, relax and let the TV do its thing. With your television built into the end of the bed, your TV can appear as if from nowhere without getting in the way with your bedroom style. Enjoy a cinematic experience in your own boudoir. TV Beds are a thing, you know.
  • Aren’t Walk in wardrobes just the ultimate dream? Making your house goals come to life may not be as hard as you think! Consider stealing some inches from the footprint of an existing room – space under eaves can be sectioned off for example, with drawers against the short wall and hanging space against the new full height partition.
  • Blinds or shutters are an asset to any bedroom – they’re a great way to take greater control of the natural light that seeps in – but remote control blinds go that little bit further and add to your convenience.
  • One of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t get bored of your bedroom and keep it feeling fresh is to buy a reversible bedcover. Then you can switch things up depending on the mood.
  • If you’re tight for space why not create a multi-functional space. Create separate zones in your bedroom with a blind or room divider to separate your bed from your workspace. Your bedroom will become a multi-functional space that can be used to focus and relax.
  • Use lots of layers to create a cosy and inviting bedroom. Drape the bed with throws, bedspreads and cushions and add a sheepskin rug to the floor.
  • Bring out the best in your bedroom with bedroom lighting that suits you. Add bedside lamps if you’re a reader, mood lighting if you’re looking for atmosphere or bedroom spotlights for a contemporary feel.

Take on board these tips for a beautiful new contemporary bedroom.

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  • This is what I needed! We just moved into a new home a couple of months ago and we haven’t made any changes to the rooms yet. My husband and I have been planning to makeover three bedrooms just in time for our family and friends to come over. These tips are amazing! I can’t wait to tell my husband about this. Thank you so much!