8 Essential Safety Tips to Follow If You Want to Play Paintball

When you’re starting to play paintball for the first time, it can be super exciting but also a little scary. I’m sure you’ve heard some scary stories of paintballs hurting when they hit you, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Paintball doesn’t have to be dangerous, as long as you’re safe, so here are some safety tips to remember for when you play!

1. Don’t Tilt

Tilting means to get angry at the game, perhaps if you’re having a bad round, and it makes you do things you would never normally do. This could be lying about the fact you’ve been hit or shooting people from point-blank range out of frustration. This is how people get hurt.

2. Be Honest

If you get hit with a paintball, don’t lie and pretend it didn’t happen. It can be tempting because you want to stay in the game, but this can tilt the other players who will then be super-aggressive towards you, and you’ll take a lot more shots, which can hurt a lot. This is the key paintball fair play tip you need to follow.

3. Always Check Your Gun

Before you go into a game and as soon as you come out, make sure you’re checking your gun over for any potential problems. This means looking for damage that may have occurred during a game when you’re running around and shooting.

4. Wearing Your Mask

Never ever take off your mask when you’re in a designated paintball arena. No matter when you’re playing, there will be set areas where you can and can’t take off your mask, so make sure you’re aware of these areas and stick to them religiously.

5. Play with a Proper Paintball Gun

If you’re using an inexpensive paintball gun, this may not have the safety features a proper paintball gun would have, such as safety modes and pressure gauges, all designed so you can use your paintball gun in the safest possible way. You can find the best paintball guns here.

6. Unload Your Gun

Whenever you’re not in a play area, always make sure you’re unloading your gun, so there are no paintballs inside it. This should be easy by simply unscrewing the ammo holder on the top. You never want to accidentally press the trigger and shoot someone who isn’t protected.

7. Get Used to Taking Cover

This may sound like an obvious point, but the idea of paintball is not to get shot while shooting others, so learn to take cover and protect yourself. It’s hard to know if you’re not protecting yourself without practicing, so look it up online and boost your skills. There are plenty of other tactic and gameplay tips that can make you better, and therefore safer.

8. Be Confident

As with anything in life, if you’re not confident, you’re not going to be focused, and you’re more likely to make mistakes and panic. This is both in and out of the arena, so be confident, have fun, stay focused, and minimize mistakes made.


Paintball can be incredibly fun, but as long as you’re looking after yourself and the other players around you. By being as safe as possible, everyone can enjoy the sport as much as possible without having to worry about people hurting them seriously.

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