8 Powerful Composition Tips to Remember When Photographing Fashion

A picture can tell a thousand words, and if you are attempting to make these words aligned with your message- you must consider the entire image. Fashion can be a beautiful thing, but translating it to a picture to provide a proper interpretation to consumers can be difficult. Fashion is meant to make a statement and be bold to draw consumers in and the average person is bombarded with targeted fashion ads constantly.

There are important things to focus on and other things you may want to omit. The only way to understand what is best for your shot is to research and see what methods you can apply to the photo. Start by reading through our 8 tips on how to photograph fashion for maximized effect.

1. Simple Posing

The garment should be the focus of the photograph. The model is there for the lines and intrigue of purchasing it. Pick a pose that shows off the garment and makes sure the lines of the dress are apparent. With photographing shoe fashion, always have at least one full shoe incomplete view. The other shoe can be cut off or shown at a skewed angle, as long as one is the focus. Do not attempt to simplify it so much to have the model only wearing the shoes, this is a particularly overdone design which can be further distracting to the shoes.

2. Showcase The Item

If the dress is a bold color, do not put any more of that color in the image. Use color filters to even grayscale the rest of the image for a garment that truly pops. Whatever the item is for, show how well it does that job, whether it’s keeping you warm, allowing for athletic activity, or just to have consumers looking their best.

To showcase the item appropriately, remember who your audience is. If you want a particular type of woman to purchase your clothing, fill the shot with supplementary materials that relate to them as well. There are many audience and customer databases to draw stats and information from.

3. Spatial Reasoning

Images fall flat when people are an undetermined distance from each other. Even with the object, the photograph is more interesting when the items either align close together or at a reasonably far distance. Give the eye something to wonder too. Things that are left in a medium distance will become a loss, and it is easy to not know what to actually keep your eyes on.

This includes the angle of your shot. A shot was taken from the ground that makes a model look giant will make them appear more imposing and powerful, and tilted shot can make things look more active.

4. Do Not Overshadow With Props

Pros can add a lot of interesting dimensions to an image. As well as complete it as a piece. It is vital that these props, handbags or even sunglasses, do not take away from the image. Attempt to keep accessories to a minimum, too much can become distracting. In the case item’s like handbags, put it on the model’s opposite side so it doesn’t cover the piece you are trying to endorse.

It is a common fashion photography mistake to add too much to the shot, even if it’s relevant. An elegant gown can be overshadowed by the extravagant jewelry if it is excessive.

5. Use the Garment To Your Advantage

If the dress billows, incorporate wind, this will make a dramatic image and show off the dress even more. For athletic wear show how flexible they are. Display your piece in action, consumers will want to see the garments best aspects showing.

This will involve work from your model. Models should know how to highlight certain parts of the clothing. It is most easily done with a sash or when showcasing handbags.

6. Lighting

The balance of lighting is important in any photo shoot. Light can play tricks if it is not controlled properly. For instance, selling a dark blue garment can be challenging if everyone thinks its black. The color of the featured item can even be incorporated as a color-pop. The lighting can always be edited in certain photography editing programs.

Using a studio for photographing fashion is the most common and the clean slate can do wonders for keeping neutral environments. Use live shoots in nature with caution. Having a cluttered background can distract and lighting can be vastly temperamental with the time of day in combination with weather conditions.

7. Audience

Think about who these images are for. A shot will need to be tuned to attract its desired consumer. There are obvious differences in how you want to showcase fashion for small children versus rugged outdoorsmen. Staging for a particular garment will need to match someplace you might actually find it in real life. Show your audience that this dress is the perfect one for a night at the opera.

8. Style

It is important to know whether you want your picture to appear staged or candid. For fashion, both can be effective but going halfway will never look good. Do not be afraid to go for an abstract setting for a uniquely odd item but make your message clear for your viewers.

Also, remember that sometimes the rules associated with photographing fashion appropriately are done best with a professional. Use this website to find many examples of photographing fashion in different themes and means.

Bold Fashion Photography

Start the shoot with a full film and be sure to incorporate all of the excellent tips we’ve laid out. Fashion can be bold and dramatic without sacrificing utility. Realistic poses and models that are willing to work with your direction and the garment can be vital. Do not underestimate the power of a minimalistic approach as well. All of these tips can be switched up, as long as they coalign with your vibe and what you need to fashion photographs to convey.

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  • Wow, these are powerful tips, Rebecca! I can’t agree more with what you said here and it’s not every day that I happen to stumble upon relevant information such as this post. Thousands of photography articles have flooded the internet and seldom do I find different, yet helpful ones — and this one is incredible. Some photographers fail to understand the concept of keeping it simple and tend to overdo everything on the set. As such, it sometimes leads to a photography dilemma. I hope that more photographers read this and it’s time that they learn the right way. Thanks for posting!

  • Great important post, where you make the main focus, really makes me happy for its necessary of importance.
    After all it is a great article with everything. Thanks in advance for posting it.

  • We hire our studio to fashion photographers all the time, and one thing we get time and again is how much better the experience is when shooting tethered to a computer!
    You’d be surprised how many professional photographers have never done this before, and it really puts the talent and art director / stylist at ease when they can see the images large on screen. Makes a massive difference!

    Oh yeah, and always document your lighting setup and behind the scenes!

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