8 Tips for Decluttering the Home

If there’s one thing that we have learnt throughout lockdown it’s that the home is a sanctuary of comfort, protection and the place that keeps us safe. It’s also the place where we’ve made all of our memories over the last year. Whether those memories have been good or bad is debatable but one thing that isn’t, is that a tidy home makes a happy home. If you have an organised home you’re on your way to success; tidy home, tidy mind. 

You may not have been able to spend your hard earned pennies on a lovely holiday this past year, so why not use that money to renovate a room you’ve been desperate to jazz up? As sad as it is to have adventures cancelled, this might be your chance to spin the stay at home experience into a positive one- new year, new home! Forget replastering ceilings or knocking down walls – a good old fashioned declutter and spring clean could really make all the difference – it could bring a room to life! 

8 top tips for decluttering:

Start small: If you’re new to decluttering or you’re very sentimental, ease your way in gently. Perhaps get rid of one item a day or spend 5 minutes the first day and 10 minutes the next. Work one room at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Start with paperwork: It sounds dull, I know, but you will not believe how good it is to get rid! Grab a shredder, a dog or the bin and let the fun begin. Once you’ve cleared the cupboard of phone bills from 1999, organise yourself! Accessible files for paper work with labelled categories will make life so much easier!

If it hasn’t been touched for 3 months, get rid of it: A more simplified way of living is more fashionable than ever – and for good reason! As well as providing you with a clear mind, there will be less to clean! Is the item practical? Do you use it? Is it sentimental? Do you love it? Asking yourself these questions are vital for a successful decluttering experience.

Keep, bin, sell, donate or give give to friends: Grab some bin bags, boxes or baskets and categorize where your items are going to go. Often knowing that your children’s old dolls will have a new, loving home makes them easier to part with. You’ll also be surprised about how much you can sell online.

Reorganise: This process can be quite fun – shift some of your furniture around, play about with it! You’ll be surprised how new and different the room will look. This may be a two man job!

Skip Hire: Hiring a skip is absolutely essential for the decluttering process, especially if you’re embarking upon a big project. If you’re in the north west, then skip hire St. Helens could be a good choice for you. Then you can fill it up, and have someone else deal with taking it all away.

A deep clean can go a long way: Now that a lot of the clutter has gone, get in there with a duster and clean away the cobwebs! You may even want to give it a fresh lick of paint!

Out with the old, in with the new: Once you’re clutter free you’ll have space for things that you really need. You could even treat yourself to a new piece of art work or that book shelf you’ve wanted for years!

Many people truly believe that a successful life truly begins once you’ve got your home in order.

These low cost ideas could really make your home feel new again and get you on the road to success!

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