A Brief Fashion Guide For This Year’s Cool Young Dudes

Fashions change over the years, but there are always elements of them that remain timeless, never going out of style, or when they do, coming back into style just a few years later. Today we will consider what today’s teens to twenties men will look good wearing when they are out and about! Here is our brief fashion guide for young guys who want to shine!

The Pants – There is definitely something timeless about a pair of jeans, it must be in our genes, because they never, ever go out of style! That said, jeans come in different styles, and some, like bell bottoms, are out to stay! The look that fits this year’s cool young dudes best are simple, relaxed straight-leg jeans like those that Nudie pants offers. Skinny, tight-fitting jeans have had their day and are done, and wide legs have thankfully joined them in the out bin, so rely on a pair of straight legs. The colour? Blue denim, of course, is there any other?

The Shirt – Keeping it simple is definitely the way to go this year, a basic, no-nonsense chambray dress shirt goes as well with a necktie as easily as it pairs up with your blue jeans. Avoid busy patterns like dots and paisleys and embrace light, solid colours. Chambray shirts are a very versatile choice, they dress up nice for a smart casual event, or you can roll up the sleeves when it’s time to play. This is also the best shirt for your girlfriend to borrow to lounge about in, she will look even better in it than you do! 

The Jacket – Leather always looks awesome, but this year the old black biker jacket got on its Harley and split town, and the heavy bomber jackets all flew away into the sunset, wave bye-bye! The leather jacket we are in love with this year is recycled from the scintillating 70’s, a cream-coloured fringe jacket with plenty of fringe pouring down the sleeves, straight across the chest, and in a V across the back! Just watch some old The Whorock concert footage and see Roger Daltry rock one, you will know what we mean! There is something magical about a fringe jacket, it looks fantastic hiking the high mountains or grooving down the city streets!

The Boots – Note that we did not say “The Shoes”! You need ankle-high Chelsea boots in cream-coloured suede to match the jacket, no laces, just simple slip-ons. These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what you will do, in style and looking sharp!

The Hat – No. No hat. If you absolutely must have one because of the hot sun, make it a flat-brimmed western style like Clint Eastwood wore in the Spaghetti Westerns, high plains chic. Ball caps are for boys, you are a man now my son!

The Sunglasses – You need to have the shades my dude, continuing with our cool retro look, go with big metal frame aviators with light amber lenses. Mirror shades are for cops and crooks, let the world see your beautiful eyes, handsome!

There you have it! Go knock’em dead, space cowboy!

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