3 Go-To Gift Ideas for School Aged Children

My eldest is starting school in September; I can hardly believe it! I know he will do well there, though, and make a lot of friends. One thing that everyone tells me changes is just how many birthday party invites you get given. When you are in a class of thirty children that will all have a birthday, it can get quite busy. He already gets a few invites every couple of months from his friends at preschool!

I am the worst when it comes to knowing what to buy for gifts, though. I know what my kids would like, but it is rather tricky when you haven’t even met the child and barely know the parents. I try to be organised and keep in some generic birthday cards. Then I know I can just grab one and go. I am trying to build up a bit of a stack of gifts too. If you know me well, you’ll know that I am pretty organised. I gather gifts for Christmas throughout the year so I could always double up on things that I get for my kids. Then I know I’ll have some go-to gifts for their friends and even their cousins. Here are some ideas for gifts that I’m going to stock up on.



I know, this doesn’t exactly scream exciting, but every kid needs pyjamas, right? You can be quite safe knowing the sizes for children too. If you know their age, you can more or less guess the size to buy them. If they are too big to start with, it is something that they can ‘grow into’. I think character pj’s like the styles they have at superhero-pyjamas.com, are some of the best to choose from. It makes it a much more exciting gift if they have the child’s favourite character or superhero on.


I think books are so important for little ones. My two love having books read to them; Max is even at the stage where he is able to recognise the words and read things back to us. As the children are around the same age as your own children, you know the level that should be at. So have a look around for some suitable books. I think Roald Dahl are great for school aged children and books like Dr. Seuss are a winner with preschoolers and upwards. The rhyming makes them such more fun to read!


Puzzles or Games

It will depend on the child, by Max loves puzzles. They keep his attention, and he enjoys completing them. I think it helps his confidence to be able to put a puzzle together and look at the finished article. When you are shopping for puzzles or games, the ages are handily on the boxes. So you can know which will be best to get.

For some more gift ideas that I have, you could have a look on my Pinterest page: pinterest.com/AAUBlog/gift-ideas. Do you stock up for children’s gifts? I’d love to hear what you think.


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