A First…

What I love about having a little one is that everything is new to them. Seeing a train for the first time, a bus, new tastes and sounds. It probably was a bit early but we decided to take Max for a new first; the cinema.

We went to see ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and it was brilliant. Max was brilliant too. As soon as we walked in the cinema, it was of course full of children, and with the big screen he just kept saying ‘ooooohhhh’, ‘ooooohhhhh’, ‘ooooooooohhh’, whilst smiling away. So cute.

He was pretty well behaved too. He sat a bit with me and a bit with daddy and even fell asleep half way through the film.

I think we will definately have to try this first again.

This was after the film and he had just woken up… he was smiling when we arrived haha.

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