A Grown Up Weekend in Madrid

So you’ve managed to steal a weekend for just you and your beau. Perhaps it’s a birthday or an anniversary, or maybe it’s just because you feel like it. One thing is for sure, you’ll want to savor every second of it. Although cities like Venice and Paris seem to be the place everyone flocks to, there’s a lot to be said for a romantic weekend in Madrid. As the capital of Spain, this bustling metropolis provides everything a couple could want from a holiday. Plan your weekend exactly how you please, but do make sure to take note of these tips for some of the most special and romantic activities in Madrid.

Stay at Dear Hotel

When you’re only away for a short stay, it’s that bit more important to stay right in the centre. Dear Hotel is a stunning 4-star venue that’s located super conveniently in the heart of Madrid, opposite the Plaza de Espana. The decor is bright, clean and modern, with sparkling polished floors throughout. If you love an Instagram worthy pool, then look no further. The top floor sky-pool overlooks the terracotta-tiled rooftops of the neighborhood below and there’s a cocktail bar right by it, so you can sip and swim to your heart’s content. Bearing all of this in mind, the Dear Hotel comes in at about 90 euros per night for a standard double room, so although it may feel pricey to some, it’s really pretty good value. Go on, spoil yourselves.

Eat at El Jardin Secreto

The carpaccio is a delectable choice for the more adventurous foodie

On the first night, it’s a good idea to book a table in a restaurant. You’ve been traveling and the last thing you want is to trawl around town looking for somewhere with a table free. El Jardin is a must book restaurant and it’s not hard to see why. This restaurant’s setting is equally as special as its food. The bar is decorated with dimly glowing fairy lights, hanging candles and miniature hot air balloons, everything is in dark wood and there’s a heady smell of coffee in the air. Making your way outside, into the secret garden itself, plants spill from hanging planters and lanterns twinkle through the overhead vines. It really is like stepping into a fairytale, so really give yourself time to take it all in. When it comes to the menu, there isn’t a bad dish, so whatever you fancy, treat yourself. Adventurous eaters will enjoy the exotic carpaccio of zebra, ostrich or camel, while those with a sweet tooth absolutely must try the white chocolate mousse cake – it’s feather-light and honey-sweet. The perfect mouthful to end the perfect meal.

Visit the Casino Gran Madrid

If you’re a little adventure then Madrid’s nightlife has plenty more to offer. For those who are looking for a glamorous night out, the Casino Gran Madrid is a sophisticated spot to spend an evening. The casino here has played host to numerous live events, including the PokerStars EPT, the Casino Boxing Series and a constant rota of live music. Even when hosting, it’s normally open to everyone so don your little black dress, convince hubby into his tuxedo and enjoy a night of James Bond-style fun. Think cocktails and roulette, what could be better? Just remember that tomorrow is going to be a full day, so don’t overdo it on the martinis!

Visit the Prado Museum

Madrid is a haven for artists, meaning that there are plenty of galleries to choose from, but The Prado is certainly the most famous. The Prado is the national gallery of Spain and houses an enormous collection of works spanning from the 11th to 19th centuries. Make your way here well-fed and early, because it is enormous – if you do it at breakneck speed you might get around it in a morning, but if you want to take time to appreciate the works then consider deciding on one time period and doing that really thoroughly. If you’re not quite sure which time period to go for then opt for the Spanish Golden Age. The leading painters of the time were Zurbaran, Ribera, Murillo, and Velazquez, whose greatest works all adorn the walls here, including the very famous Seamstresses, one of Velazquez’s most celebrated works.

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