A Guide to Fragrance Etiquette for Men

No-one wants to be that person who is surrounded by clouds of cologne. A man needs to know how to correctly use fragrance just like a woman does if they want to make the correct impact. Here are some of the things men should know if they want to wear fragrance.

Where to Wear

Everyone knows that you should wear fragrance on certain pressure points for long-lasting effect and an enhanced smell. What most people don’t know is that these pressure points are different for men and women.
Women typically apply their fragrance to their wrists and décolletage. Men should apply their fragrance to their lower jaw, neck, and inner arms.
There are also a couple of key points which everyone should know regardless of gender. You should always apply your perfume to dry skin with a single spray so you can get to know how the scent works with your body’s natural scent. Never layer on multiple sprays from a brand-new bottle.

You should also always spray directly onto skin and never onto your clothes. The oils used in the manufacture of your perfume could wreak havoc by staining your clothes; especially if you wear a lot of silks. You should also never kill the note. This is done when you rub the perfume into your skin – most often when people rub their wrist together after application – and while it may seem like you are spreading the scent further, you are actually making it weaker.

What to Wear

Fragrance for men comes in many different forms and what you choose to wear is often dictated by the event you are attending. For example, if you are going to be stuck in a small meeting room on a sweltering summer’s day, your heaviest, muskiest cologne is probably not going to go down well.
While you may not want to curate a small collection of different scents for yourself, it is helpful to have at least one lighter and one heavier scent. For the lighter scent, consider floral or citrus notes to create a scent which is masculine yet fresh and pleasing. This should be worn during the day and is also good for a first date scent.

The heavier scent can use ambers or woods. These scents can be very strong and so should always be used with caution. However, you may find a use for it for a night-time event or anything that requires you to wear black-tie.

How to Wear

Remember that just because your fragrance does not seem strong to you, it might not be the same for everyone else. Applying your scent with a lighter hand will always go over better with those around you than if you spray too much on but soldier on anyway. Take the time to find something that works well for you and you won’t regret it.

Your fragrance is as much of a style signature as the way you do your hair or your favourite colour of suit. Start the search for your ideal scent today.

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