A Little Bit on Being a Parent

Being a parent is the most important aspect of your life. It defines you as a person, and your children are the best thing to ever happen to you. So it’s only natural that you want to give them the best possible start in life.

Every parent hopes to give their children everything they want. But the most important thing is to give them what they need. As long as you can do this, then I think you’re doing a pretty solid job of being a Mum or Dad.

Here are the key things to look out for:


The one thing that all children crave is attention. They all want to be loved, and they all deserve to get your affections.

Besides, they only stay young for a short while. You should enjoy it while you can. Take every step possible to ensure that you’ve made time for being a parent. After all, that’s the one thing that every child will cherish.

I appreciate that work and other commitments are important. But nothing else comes close to being more significant than parenting. Don’t let life get in the way. These are special moments in your life. You children will always be the number one priority. I know my mum even says this now and we’ve all grown and flown!

Good Health

Unfortunately, as with our own health, you can’t prevent every illness and affliction. Nevertheless, one of your key responsibilities as a parent is to give your child foundation possible. Most children are naturally pretty active. However, it is still important to ensure that they do take on physical exercise, especially if they are fans of something like the PlayStation. Meanwhile, it’s equally imperative that you employ a good diet from an early age. That’s not to say that children shouldn’t be allowed the occasional treat (I’m completely guilty of this for bribery material) but moderation is key. Encouraging them to like fruits and vegetable at an early age will make it easier to promote better eating habits further down the line.

As for illnesses, there’s not too much you can do with regards to picking up illnesses at school etc – I just always make sure that I’ve got the medicine cabinet stocked!

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Close Relationships

Physical health is important, but emotional growth is equally important for your child’s development. One of the most important relationships to encourage is the one between siblings. Sibling shirt sets at Zoey’s Attic are a great way to celebrate this at an early age. However, cute outfits alone won’t do the trick. Dealing with the potential sibling rivalry is important. Meanwhile, you need to strike the right balance between individuality and togetherness too. As they grow older, you’ll also have to promote good relationships with other children and adults. Teach your child to be confident in their skin first, and the other items should come as second nature.

I hope these tips have helped. But, believe me, you’re probably doing fine just the way you are 🙂

Rebecca x

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