A Mini Makeover for Chloe’s Bedroom | #RoomForaLittleOne

Chloe has ultimate second child syndrome. She sadly, has the smallest room in the house for her bedroom. Prior to it being her bedroom, it was a bit of all sorts really. I used it as a bit of a craft / dressing room. It still has a wardrobe and desk in it. The hubby uses the desk when he works from home… Bless her random room!

One day you’ll have an amazingly huge bedroom, baby girl!

We got the chance to give her room a bit of a mini-makeover recently, to give it a bit of an update. The most important feature of the bedroom is of course the bed. Getting a good nights sleep on a comfy bed and mattress is a must, so that is what we focused the makeover on.

We will shortly be attempting to put Chloe in a toddler bed rather than a cot, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some new bedding and update her bed a little bit, to get ready for the big move.





Baby Chevron and Star Cot / CotBed Cotton Duvet & Pillow set – £30

Junior Pillow – £6

Cot Duvet – £15

House by John Lewis Oskar Cushion – £15

Grey Fleece Throw – £5

Little Home Peg Line Lights – £10

DSC_0049 (1)

I just loved the pattern of the duvet and cushion. When we get around to repainting her room, I would love to go for a scandi / monochrome look and have white walls. This would be perfect for that. I like that it is reversible too. It can be both stars on the pillow and cushion, both have chevron, or one of each.

There are quite a few clashing patterns with the pillow, but I’m pleased with how it looks and think it works somehow. The throw was a bargain so I had to get it to finish off the look. It is really large too, so works to keep her warm during colder nights. We can use it downstairs too, so pretty much winning at life.

I still haven’t quite decided where to put her peg fairy lights. I just put them around the cot when taking these pictures but they of course haven’t stayed there. I just really liked that they work as pretty fairy lights (Chloe was seriously in love with them when she saw them lit), but they also work to display photographs or ‘artwork’ that she will draw. I think they are lovely things to have displayed so this is a nice way of doing it.


What is your little one’s room like? I’d love to hear what you think to this mini-makeover! Give me a few months and it will all look completely different – desperately want to get painting so we can update the whole room.


*collaboration with Silent Night for their #RoomforaLittleOne Campaign – Chloe loves her new toy!

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