A Summer of Wedding Crafts

Summer loving had me a blast…

Wedding season is almost upon us and if you’re feeling crafty there can be some fantastic items you can make for the special day, whether it’s your own wedding or you’re the lucky guest!

DesignBundles.net is an amazing resource of high quality premium designs for every craft you can imagine, with savings of up to 96% RRP on design elements from thousands of independent designers – because don’t weddings cost enough already?!

A fabulous and versatile range you can find on their site is their Monogram svg selection. Monograms are not only so in right now, but they are just perfect for wedding crafts. Read on to see my top crafting ideas for this summer’s nuptials!

Gifts for the happy couple

As a wedding guest it can be so tricky to choose a gift that the couple will find both useful and special. Why not make something to commemorate the day or create something personalised they can treasure forever at home? Here are some ideas…

Mugs Gorgeously designed initials look fantastic on mugs and you can make one for the bride and one for the groom. Or make a set with their new shared surname letter to have them use in their together home. If you’re a novice you can find easy to follow tutorials on YouTube of how to personalise mugs with a design template, so get searching!

My favourite design for this craft is Twilight Bloom, find it here.

Cushions What could be better as a house warming gift than some sweet cushions to adorn their living area? They are an incredibly versatile gift as they can be personalised with all sorts of motifs. Again, simple tutorials can be found to adhere a transfer onto textiles – it really is easy!

My favourite design for this craft is the Beautiful Monograms Mega Pack, find it here.

Framed prints You can have a lot of fun creating a wonderful monogram for the new couple using the presets available. Be sure to print the finished design onto quality paper or card then place in a frame of your choice. Larger framed prints like this make ideal “guest books” on the day as guests can sign the glass with a permeant marker.

My favourite designs for this craft are Ornamental Split (found here) and Kit With Split Elegant Monograms (found here).

Crafts for the bridal shower

The more recent bridal showers I have been to have been quite pricey affairs will lavish trips away and expensive spa treatments. But if you’d rather stick to a budget for your bridesmaid’s thank you gifts, why not try these purse-friendly crafts…

Thank you flasks Every girl needs a flask to bring a hot drink from home or to bring to her favourite café so it makes an ideal “thank you for being my bridesmaid” gift! Plus ditching paper and plastic cups is much better for the planet. Personalise each flask using a monogram of your bridesmaids’ names and they will have a useful gift that will show you care.

My favourite design for this craft is Heart Monograms, find it here.

T-Shirts A personalised item of clothing can be fun for your bridesmaids to wear during your bridal shower and can double up as perfect thank you gifts they can take home! Don’t forget to get the right equipment to transfer designs onto fabrics. When buying plain tops to use be sure to buy one extra to test first.

My favourite design for this craft is Rose Monogram, find it here.

Crafts for the big day

Weddings are the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and produce some whimsical wedding creations. Once the magical day is over, the paper crafts you have made will look brilliant stored in a frame to show off those special memories.

Table accents There’s nothing more chic than when your wedding stationery matches with everything. It’s not such an impossible task when you download your favourite designs from DesignBundles.net. You can add special touches to your seating plans, place cards, even bottle labels!

My favourite design for this craft is Efelious, find it here.

Crafts for afters

Don’t forget the little extras that make a wedding guest feel special and honoured to take part in your momentous day. It can be easy to forget once you’re in honeymoon mode, so if you’re planning your wedding be sure to get these items done in advance too. You could even get family involved in making them, children especially love filling favour boxes with treats!

Thank you cards The ultimate faux-pas if you forget these! Whether a wedding gift you receive is large or small it’s the thought that counts, so be sure to send a thank you card to everyone. Personalising the cards with your wedding monogram gives a nice touch and relatives may like to keep these cards as a memento of the day. Choose nice stock card with a slight texture to give the look of real quality, the monogram design you choose can simply be printed on.

My favourite design for this craft is Everbloom, find it here.

Favours This is a great opportunity to have fun and go wild with the design you choose as it all depends on the contents of your favours! You will find a monogram design that suits either the wackiest jellybeans or the more sophisticated truffles. Have a good browse and see all the fabulous SVGs on offer.

I hope you liked my ideas for all your wedding crafting needs…

Let me know which was your favourite and whether you enjoy crafting too!

*Collaborative post. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.

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  • Interesting tips you have here! I’ve attended several weddings and I’ve been a lover of party favours. It’s something that I look forward to afar from the touching ceremony itself. Anyway, my friend’s sister is getting married in four months time and we are helping her with the wedding preparations. I’d definitely mention this post to her. The framed prints seem like a good idea. Thanks for sharing this post!

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