Summer Sparkle: Abelini Jewellery Review

I think since becoming a mum, I kind of just stopped wearing a lot of jewellery. When they were little, and that toddler stage where they just want to grab anything in your ears or around your neck, then I kind of just got out of the habit of putting any jewellery on. But I have been making much more of a conscious effort with my style and appearance, so part of that, for me, means wearing some jewellery again.

As someone who is trying to cut back on ‘fast fashion’ and things like chunky costume jewellery that are just plastic and won’t last very long, I have been choosing finer pieces of jewellery, like the few pieces I have from Abelini. They sell diamond earrings, engagement rings, gemstones, and pendants, and I have been really pleased with the pieces that I have. There is a showroom in Hatton Garden, and they do a bespoke design service if you are after something particularly special, but of course, you can order online and choose the different cuts of diamonds and the metals that you want to choose for your item of jewellery.

What I like about the website is that it is all clearly laid out, and you can see what different options for have for each item. You can choose the metal that you want in the setting, the shape of the diamond, the carat, the clarity, the colour, certificate, and for things like earrings, you can choose the backing of the earring. The price will adjust accordingly, so it helps to suit all budgets, as you can see what the difference in price with everything is. I think this works well for presents, as well as things like engagement rings; you can choose something exactly as you want it and see the difference in prices which is a really good selling point.

The range of items available on the website is really varied, so that is another good seeing point too. But really, it all comes down to the quality of the item that you get, right? I have a necklace and earrings, and have been really pleased with them both; they sparkle, and look great, and feel like great quality.

Because of the nature of the website, the prices aren’t exactly bargains. But that is what you get with diamond items, right? But if you are looking for pieces of jewellery like this, for something extra special, then I think it can be really worth checking out the website and seeing what will fit your taste, needs, and budget. I have been so pleased with my items so far. They all come well packaged and in padded boxes, so it all arrives nicely and looks really stylish. Again, that works great for a gift or an item for something really special.

What you get with Abelini and your jewellery is:

  • lifetime guarantee
  • free delivery
  • 60 day returns
  • diamond and valuation certificate
  • free resizing
  • ethically sourced jewellery – Abelini are committed to be completely conflict-free with their stones. So they only work with suppliers who adhere to this.
  • fair price guarantee – by buying directly from manufacturers, it can save half of what you might pay with high street jewellers. They also don’t offer one-time offers. They always have the lowest price permanently.

Have you heard of Abelini jewellery before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the items of jewellery were gifted in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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