Trends for Accommodation When We Travel

As someone that loves to travel, I do have an interest in where people choose to go and where they choose to stay. It is interesting to see if the majority of people prefer to go to big city trips or to small villages and locations a little off the beaten track. I also find it interesting to see where people choose to stay. We stay at a mixture of hotels to hostels to the sofas and beds of friends and family.

It seems like we all like to travel but where we choose to stay is changing slightly. There will always be reasons to visit the big cities but it seems that a lot of us are changing our mind and choosing to stay in countryside or seaside locations instead. Even more so is the increase in people choosing a B&B over a hotel. Do you think that this is true for you?

Room Occupancy Trends 2016 – An infographic by the team at eviivo.

What do you think to the findings?


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