What I Wish I Had Known About Adding Value To Your Home

Being a homeowner often means that you are looking for the next thing to change or renovate, to make sure that you are adding value. No, just me? But it can be hard to decide what to change. A lick of paint here and there is great. It adds a bit of colour, brightens things up and can give the room a new look. It doesn’t add any value to the home, though it does add the extra factor that you need to sell a home. So I am forever in a quandary as to if we should just redecorate or if we should renovate. Having done a little research (loser, much?), I have found some of the best things that we can do, to add value to our homes.


Update the Exterior of the Home

I was quite surprised to see this at the top of the list of things that add value. I mean, I thought it would be an important factor. I just didn’t realise just quite how much value it could add. So if you are planning to sell up, make sure the outside of your home is looking good. If the paint is chipped, sand it down and spruce it up. If you have wooden window frames, again, check that they are up to scratch. You could make sure that your garden is looking smart, and any fencing is in tact. We are working on the latter after the storms we had a few weeks ago; thanks, weather! The exterior can give you about 75% return on investment, so it is well worth it. It gives a potential buyer a great first impression if they see a well looked after home.

Adding an Extension

An extension could be a conservatory or a loft conversion. It could even be building two floors out, creating a new bedroom and reception room. The type of extension you have will vary on the rate of return, but if you want to make a significant difference, any will do! Something like a conservatory can give you over 100% back on your investment. So if you are deciding if it is worth the cost or not, then it most likely is! There are so many conservatory styles and conservatory roof styles; it would be hard to choose which to have. Though I’m sure I could choose if I had to!

Update the Kitchen or Bathroom

I find it rather true, that if you have a stunning kitchen or bathroom, then the house sells itself. I know when we were looking at a house to buy, they can put you right off a house. The thought of having to make huge changes to a kitchen or bathroom is off-putting for a lot of people. A new kitchen or bathroom can give you about half of the money back on your investment. So if you have the money to change or update those rooms, then I still think it is worth it. Any excuse to be browsing on Pinterest for inspiration, right?


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  • Ooh good tips! The loft extension is a great idea and adds space along with value. The exterior males a surprisingly big difference too. As a potential buyer, it’s the first thing I personally find myself judging. Lisa 🙂

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