Great Adventures For Family Fun!

Some of us are in the middle of half term already thinking about how we are going to keep the kids entertained over the 2 week Easter break.  Spring will be settled in and the weather should be a little better so it is a good time to introduce your children and family to something a little different.


Horse riding is a great activity for getting the kids outdoors and having fun as a family.  You can take day rides, called hacks, regardless of experience or you could look at having some lessons in a local riding school.  Even shy children will enjoy coming out of their shell for a bit and making friends with these magnificent creatures.  Horse ownership is expensive and time consuming which rules it out for most families, but hiring, sharing or loaning are all viable options.  You could even book a riding holiday or including on a family trip to the country

You will need to ensure you have the right clothing and whilst most riding schools can provide you with a hat you will feel more comfortable if you all invest in jodhpurs and jackets.  Don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy any kit just yet though, get to see if your family enjoy it and then maybe you will make it a regular outing.

Horses are used in therapy with children due to their calm and gentle nature so whilst they can look a little intimidating they are actually not scary at all.  You will need to be aware of their back legs though so listen to your instructor as they talk you through any safety tips. 

Another great activity to try with the kids is climbing.  There are loads of indoor centres popping up that can work with people of all levels.  So if you are experienced but your children aren’t, you can find an easy wall and hire an instructor.  The walls seem pretty high but there is a lot of safety equipment.  It’s incredible witnessing how brave your children are as they take each step towards the top! Then seeing their faces as they look down at you.  Plus they will get a chance to laugh at you as you struggle your way up the wall.  As we get older we become a little more cautious and a lot of women can find heights hard to handle after childbirth, not sure why? But it is quite common.

Again, you can hire equipment from the centre but it does help to have the correct shoes and tighter fitting sports clothing.  It’s sensible to take a 10 minute guided tour of the hall too, so you understand the different disciplines and can choose one that suits you all.  Make sure you stay hydrated too, climbing is an incredible workout, you might not realise just how much you worked until the morning!

Don’t spend your spare time doing the same old routine.  Get everyone together and try something brand new.  All families need an adventure and you will be making some incredible memories too.  

Rebecca x

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