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I first heard about ‘The Five Love Languages’ quite a while back at a friends bridal shower. One other guest’s piece of advice was to read the five love languages book. I never gave much thought to until recently when I saw on a blog ideas for cheap / free date nights and activities  One was to take the love languages test with your other half and then see what you both prefer and then work on using it in daily life. (If you’re not in a relationship you can still take the test I think there are just different questions).

The website to take the test is

The ‘Love Language’ is just a way that you prefer to be shown love and having an understanding of what you and your other half prefer can really help how you express love to one another. You can also take the test as a parent to find out your child’s love language which I think is a brilliant idea. Don’t just tell them you love them if they would actually appreciate receiving a gift or you doing something else for them, rather than words.

The five Love Languages are:

Acts of Service: appreciates the small things that are done for them, as surprises or not
Physical Touch: not just the bedroom, but holding hands and cuddles, just being close
Words of Affirmation: just as it sounds, being actually told you are loved and appreciated
Receiving Gifts: doesn’t necessarily mean just material ‘stuff’ but you feel that you are shown love when someone has taken the time out to make or get a gift for you that they know you will love
Quality Time: exactly as it sounds, spending good time together

Before we answered the questions we guessed what we thoughts each others love language would be, and what we thought our own would be. I thought the hubs love language would be quality time, he thought his would be acts of service and he thought mine would be receiving gifts….! (To be fair, I thought that would be my preference too…)

It turned out that I was right, the hubs love language is Quality Time but mine came out to be Words of Affirmation. So I prefer to be told I’m loved and appreciated and he prefers that I just spend time with him and do something fun and meaningful together. In fact, you get a break down of how much you scored for each and we were pretty much opposite to each other, words didn’t feature very highly for him at all. Likewise, quality time for me – I just prefer to be told I’m amazing and get given stuff haha. Maybe it’s a male / female thing too??

I think this concept is brilliant and hopefully will help to strengthen our relationship even more. AND as we took the quiz together he knows that he can’t use the excuse that I ‘should just know’ I am loved – above all else I like to be told.

What do you think your love language would be?

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