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I have been really enjoying the summer holidays and having both children at home all the time (Max attends preschool a few mornings a week, ususally). Though it can be tricky thinking of activities for them to do all of the time, particularly with the ‘delightful’ weather we have been having recently meaning we are indoors more. So I was thrilled to get copies of the children’s magazine Okido through the door – perfect for my 3 year old!

Originally conceived by parents on a kitchen table in Brixton, Okido magazine is an educational for curious kids and their families. Created as a reaction against all the plastic-wrapped, poor quality publications that are sold to children in the UK, Okido is a highly considered and you can see how thought out the design of it is. It is well-designed and I think it is a really good quality product – it is now available around the world which is mega impressive. 

Max really enjoyed it. It is bright and colourful and I like that it has an edge different to other children’s magazines, particularly for children aged 3-8, as it has quite a scientific theme and how the main character, Messy Monster, asks lots of questions and lots of imaginative theories. It is a good size magazine in terms of pages, I’ve often been disappointed paying for a children’s magazine for nearly £4 and it is only about 10 pages long. This however is £4 but it has 46 pages worth of activities and cute hand drawn illustrations. I really like the look of it.

The verdict? Max thought it was ‘so cool, mummy’. I really like the look of it and I’d rather get this for him than other children’s magazines that I see. I think it would only be an occasional purchase though as I can’t really justify the price (though it is only available bimonthly).

There will be a new programme on CBeebies, based on the magazine, airing in Autumn 2015.

Rebecca x

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*we were sent free copies of the magazine in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.


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