Real Mums All Bran 5 Day Challenge

Dear Mummy,

We know you can be a little bit nervous sometimes, a little bit anxious. We know you worry about how you look, especially since having us. Well, we want to tell you that we think you’re amazing. We think you’re the best mummy ever. And you know, why? Because you have the best tummy ever.

That tummy that makes you never want to wear a bikini ever again is brilliant. Why? Because it stretched and grew to make room for us as we grew. That tummy was a big soft cushion for us, protecting us, as we grew. That tummy helped us to get all the nutrients that we needed to help us grow. That tummy is the best.

That tummy had to have two unexpected surgeries and was cut and sewn and now scarred. Even when we were here and in your arms, that tummy was working really hard to get back to normal size. That tummy was still needed to help give us all of the nutrients that we needed and you were so careful with what you put in that tummy to make sure that it was ok for us.

That tummy has been through a lot and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. If you want to wear a bikini then you should wear a bikini. Don’t be ashamed of it. It housed the two of us and it shows you are a mother. A tiger that earned her stripes.

Lots of love,

Max (2 1/2 years) & Chloe (4 months)



Rebecca x

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