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Wasps are a part of nature, but nobody likes having to share their living spaces with them. Unfortunately, getting rid of wasps sometimes seems worse than living with them. You can seriously put yourself in danger trying to remove a wasp nest on your own. For wasp nest removal Markham homeowners should always rely on a professional service.


Unlike bees, who are only able to deliver a single sting, wasps can sting repeatedly. For most people, a wasp sting will go away after a day or so. For people who are allergic, a single sting may trigger anaphylactic shock, which can be lethal unless treated within minutes. What’s worse, swatting or crushing a wasp causes it to release a scent that causes heightened aggression in surrounding wasps. This is an alarm pheromone that any wasp will release when it feels threatened or in danger. If a member of the hive sets it off when you’re attempting to remove the nest, you can find yourself caught by the swarm. Markham pest control companies have the right tools and techniques to avoid stings, as well as remove wasps without triggering a swarm.

When it comes to completely and safely removing a colony of wasps, most DIY or over-the-counter measures don’t really suffice. The main ingredient in many over-the-counter wasp sprays, synthetic permethrin, can cause acute toxicity when touched or inhaled. What’s more, many pest populations have developed a resistance to commercial insecticides. This means that regular bug sprays may not only be toxic for users and harmful for the environment, but ineffective against wasps. Unlike many commercial pest control solutions, a professional pest control company in Markham like Power Pest Control uses effective measures that are safer for the environment and your family. Good pest control technicians are licensed with the Ministry of Environment, and will be happy to provide an Ontario extermination card upon request.


Here’s how a company like Power Pest Control removes a wasp nest in Markham:

  • Locate the nest, typically in your home’s eaves, in tree branches, or near the ground by a tree stump
  • Use a low-toxic insecticide on the nest to eliminate the hive
  • Remove the nest once the wasps have been eliminated
  • Inspect the property for more nests

Besides wasps, the summer and autumn months can also lead to trouble with cockroaches, rodents, bedbugs, pavement or carpenter ants, hornets, bees, millipedes, centipedes, spiders, or just ordinary fruit flies. A professional pest control company will completely remove the infestation, as well as provide a warranty with no-charge followups. Homeowners can rest assured that their pest problems are completely taken care of.

For safe, thorough, guaranteed wasp nest removal Markham homeowners turn to a wasp removal expert. Getting rid of a wasps’ nest can seem like a daunting and dangerous task, but a good pest control technician can eliminate the hassle, danger, and extraneous expenses. With safe pest control measures, environmentally sound practices, and a solid warranty, their clients can rest assured that their wasp problem has been taken care of safely, cleanly, and completely.

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  • Wasps can be nasty. I’m a big fan of ‘you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone’, but I feel like there are some things [like wasps] that are brave enough to come at you unprovoked. I’ve found that consistency is key for pest control. We skipped a summer treatment a few years ago and it was a terrible oversight. So. Many. Ants.