The Allure Behind New York City’s Attraction

City tourism has quickly become one of the fastest growing travel segments worldwide. Cities like New York are leading the way when it comes to transforming the nature of travel and the actual urban tourism experience. More travelers are increasingly searching for rich and memorable experiences that engage them in a personal way and also create value for them.


As one of the leading tourist destinations worldwide, New York City is the ultimate stop for city travelers. Over 60 million foreign and American tourists visit the city every year. What’s the allure behind New York City’s massive attraction?

The Complete Tourist Experience

From cruises to museums, great outdoors to unique tourist attractions, iconic NYC bus tours to the unique shopping experience and the thriving nightlife, New York City offers the ultimate tourist experience. Want to see pretty much of what the city offers in a unique way? Tour companies like Top View NYC offer you a discount on hop-on hop-off bus tickets so you can see the best of NYC day or night.

Whether you’re a foodie, an outdoor adventurer or an urban explorer, there are lots of super fun and memorable ways to experience NYC. With many interactive tour options available to explore the sights and sounds of the city, it’s easy to experience NYC through several perspectives and enjoy the views of the most iconic attractions like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

The Diverse Culture

New York City is the most diverse metropolis in the United States. With cultural, racial and ethnic diversity, as well as numerous languages spoken locally, NYC is a major attraction for travelers from all over the world. As many as 800 languages are spoken throughout the city’s five boroughs and approximately 36% of the population is comprised of foreigners.

According to Great American Country, part of NYC’s attraction lies in its beauty and amazing diversity. All the five boroughs illustrate the cultural diversity of New York City through activities, stores and restaurants, museums and entertainment, where you get to meet new people from different countries, sample exotic cuisines and products, watch foreign films and listen to music.

The Food

New York offers one of the most diverse food cuisines from different countries. From the authentic curries at Lexington Avenue to the freshest tea at Nom Wah Tea Parlor or the amazing sit down pizza at John’s of Bleecker Street that’s known for its giant pies, New York City offers pretty much anything you would think of in terms of international cuisines.

As an international hot spot for tourists, chances are you’ll find whatever food you want, prepared by culinary experts from all across the world. Some of the best chefs in the world have set up restaurants in NYC to serve their signature dishes. Even if you’re not a foodie, you still have numerous places to choose from for tasty treats.  

Sprawling Parks and Dizzying Skyscrapers

Home to one of the most visited green spaces globally – Central Park, New York offers a variety of parks that not only offer expansive spaces to relax or even bike but also a variety of interesting activities to engage in. The city also has some of the most iconic landmarks, including the Grand Central Terminal, Chrysler Building and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

You can also enjoy sweeping views of NYC from observatories like the one on top of the Empire State Building. Trips to Ellis island or the Statue of Liberty are also a great attraction. Few city buildings are as spectacular as NYC’s dizzying skyscrapers, especially at night. The skyline is nothing short of breathtaking. You can also get some amazing glimpses of NYC’s skyline from The High Line, a public park that’s built on a disused freight rail line.

World-famous Museums and Theatre Scene

From the classic art museums – Museum of Modern Art, Whitney and the Guggenheim, to the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum to the Tenement Museum of American history, New York City offers some of the most interesting museums in the country and worldwide. There is nothing quite thrilling and inspiring than being taken years back. NYC’s theatre scene is also one of the most iconic, with The Theatre District and Broadway at the center of attraction.

Explore New York on a Personal Level

New York is huge, bright, loud and packed with millions of people who all seem ever busy or hurrying somewhere. That can be intimidating for visitors, but nothing beats the experience of exploring NYC’s numerous attractions. Go ahead and see NYC on a personal level.

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