Alternative Holiday Ideas to Get the Whole Family Excited

Are you getting a bit bored of going to the same old places on your family holidays year in, year out? Are the Mediterranean hotspots that you go to each year, although enjoyable and relaxing at the time, not providing much in the way of memories to cherish? Well, if this is the case then why not try an alternative route with your next holiday? There are plenty of alternative holidays out there that the whole family will enjoy, from dad to daughter and mum to son. To see some of these holiday ideas, make sure to read on.


A holiday on land… and sea

If you feel your holiday-based boredom may be stemming from the fact that you just haven’t seemed to do anything different for the past few years, then why not do something completely different with your next holiday and spend it in equal parts on land and sea? Yes, you and your family can experience the best of both worlds, the land based one and the big blue wet one, by simply booking yourselves a cruise and stay holiday. Upon such a holiday you and your family will be transported across the seas in a huge cruise ship vessel, upon which there will be plenty to do in the meantime, as you hop from country to country. And, of course, in all the countries that you visit there will be plenty to do, as each culture is going to be completely different the last and the next. So, start looking at Bolsover cruise and stay packages now in order to get yourself a real head start when it comes to your holiday booking. Come the new year, you’ll be happy that you did!

An activity adventure holiday

No, holidays don’t just have to be about relaxing by a pool during the day and sipping a sangria or two at night (or even during the day as well). No, holidays can be about being active and sporty, too, and there are plenty of different activity adventures out there that your family can embark on. In Europe, for instance, there are a host of adventure holidays to choose from such as the self-guided cycling holiday in the Austrian Tyrol, the surf and yoga retreat in Cascais, Portugal and any one of the PGL camps dotted around Britain, France and Spain where activities such as ziplining and canoeing are not just an activity but a way of life.

The point is, swimming in the hotel pool doesn’t have to be the only bit of active fun that your family can enjoy when on holiday; there is a whole world of active adventure holidays out there just waiting for you to jump right into them.

Pretty much any holiday destination in the UK

Yes, you read that correctly, the UK itself may just prove to be the perfect place to base your next family holiday! It could prove to be so because up and down the British isles there are a number of places and attractions that will keep everybody entertained. For instance, you could enjoy the delights of a small village known as Brean in Somerset and immerse yourself in a traditionally British seaside holiday, what with the world famous Weston-super-Mare being close by. You could head up north to Yorkshire where you’ll find an abundance of dales, moors, peaks and national parks to hike over. You could head even further north still, across the Scottish border, and way up to a quaint town known as Portree that is located in the Isle of Skye; by staying here you’d find a number of things to do with the family, such as have fun at the beach or hike over Highland mountains. Or, you and the family could book yourself a stay at any one of England’s top theme parks, such as Drayton Manor or Alton Towers and enjoy the thrill of a rollercoaster based getaway.

So, don’t be so quick to diminish old Blighty or escape from it the first chance you get to do so next summer.

Although it might not yet be quite the time to start planning your family’s next summer holiday, it can’t hurt to start thinking about. And, if you take the alternative holiday ideas into account when you do start thinking about it, you’ll be sure to have yourselves the holiday of a lifetime and one that will surely live long in the memory.

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