Alternative Ski Destinations Around The World

Winter is here, and for some of us that means one thing and one thing only – skiing! When planning a ski trip, you’re sure to have plenty of ideas about where to go, when to go and who to take with you! But what if you want to ski somewhere off the beaten track?

Here are five alternative ski destinations:

Vancouver, Canada

Canada is a stunning and diverse country all year round, however there are precious few places for skiing in the world like Vancouver. From downtown, you can see the snowline creep down the North Shore mountains signalling that it’s time to tune up the skis and snowboards. Wax ’em, dress the part and head up to the mountains, because now is the season of blissful powder. By booking cheap flights to Vancouver you’ll find yourself having the holiday of a lifetime that doesn’t break the bank.

Salt Lake City, USA

Previous hosts of the Winter Olympics, who wouldn’t want to ski in Salt Lake? Salt Lake is a great base camp for a winter adventure; from Salt Lake City International Airport, you’re within a one-hour drive of nine amazing resorts, each of which offers its own story, scene, and snow. 

Mount Etna, Italy

If the thrill of a Black run isn’t enough for you, why not try skiing on an active Volcano? At Mount Etna in Sicily you may be so lucky as to see some ash and smoke rising from its summit as you glide down the slopes! The daily ski pass is very reasonable and the views from the summit are spectacular.

Troodos, Cyprus

If you tell people you’re going on holiday to Cyprus, they’ll think you’re heading for the beach. However, Troodos offers the unique opportunity to ski in the morning and sunbathe by the pool in the afternoon. As Europe’s most southerly ski destination, Troodos can receive up to 2.5 meters of snow in its higher areas! There are four pistes here which although small, make for the perfect ski weekend away.

Lesotho, Africa

Located in Southern Africa, Lesotho may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of ski resorts, but Afriski is most certainly a hidden gem. Based in the Maluti Mountains, there are just two pistes but what it lacks in volume it makes up for by being one of a kind; the only snow-sports park in Africa. The quiet slopes and breath-taking scenery make this resort a great destination for those looking for new and unique places to ski.

If you’re keen to ski but tired of the same slopes, try one of these destinations for a unique experience. Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something for everyone within these spectacular locations. 


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