5 Alternatives to Sugary Drinks

I had on my list of things to do before I’m Thirty, to give up fizzy sugary drinks. They aren’t something that I have particularly often in the first place; I rarely buy them at the supermarket. If I am eating out, though, that is a different story. Summer days seem to make me just crave an ice cold sugary drink…

I know it is bad for me and that they are just empty calories. Plus that sugary drinks tax malarky, I may as well give them up! So I have been thinking of some alternatives, for when those cravings hit. Then I can just cross that one off my list.

Cold Pressed Juice

I have been looking into ways that I can improve my health lately, and have found that cold presses juices are the way I want to go, rather than pasteurised. All of the goodness is kept in and it tastes yummy. They keep the sweet craving at bay too. They cost a little more at the shops, so I am definitely more sparing with them. I also dilute them with water to make it go further.


Sparkling Water

I make a point of drinking a lot of water and have done for years. Water can get a little boring, though, can’t it? I found sparkling water a bit of an acquired taste but after a bit, I now love the stuff. Gives me the fizz that you get from fizzy drinks, so it helps to fill me up too. Although you can buy it bottled, I have a fizzy drink machine that makes it easy to make. It’s really fab too as you can do CO2 cylinder exchange so that that cylinders get recycled. Adding a slice of lemon or lime is a good idea for something different too.

Essential Oils in Water

These can work in still or sparkling water and make the water taste so good! They are doing great things for your insides too 😉 My favourite ones to use are lemon essential oil, lime essential oil or grapefruit essential oil. Check that the oils are therapeutic grade and that they can be ingested, of course. I buy my essential oils here – let me know if you want some more information about them.

Green Juice

I love, love, love green juice. They are sweet but full of goodness so it hits the spot!


Coconut Water

I find that on a hot day, I want to reach for this, instead of a fizzy drink. Coconut water is mega refreshing and tasty. There are a lot of varieties of it too, as I know not everyone likes the ‘plain’ version. Pineapple or lemon coconut water are super tasty too.

Have you got any favourite drinks that you’d like to share?


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